Why The 10,000 Push ups in a Row World Record is (probably) Fake

27. Srp 2020.
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Why The 10,000 Push ups in a Row World Record is Fake
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I saw this world record pop up quite a lot recently, and I have gotten 100’s dm talking about: The world record for most pushups in a row! That is supposedly 10507, but, is this even possible? What is the story behind this?
The truth about the 10,000 push ups in a row world record:
0:00 Intro: What is this record?
0:50 We are going to attempt the record
1:29 The Facts: How official is this world record?
2:34 The Attempt: Part 1
3:11 Minoru Yoshida: What do we know about him?
4:10 The Attempt: Part 2
4:33 New Category: Most push ups in 24 hours world record
5:41The Attempt: Part 3
6:37 The Internet: What do people think online?
7:57 The Attempt: Part 4
8:41 The Time: How long would it take him?
9:42 The Attempt: Part 5
10:16 The Difference: A small difference of 10,000
10:57 The Attempt: Part 6
12:43 Here's Why: We think the 10,000 push ups in a row world record is, probably, fake.
14:33 The Attempt: Part 7
16:23 Conclusion: What do you think?
17:04 smash liek
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555 Push ups in a row! BARSTRONG
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Push-ups ( 210 Consecutive Push-ups )
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  • I am seeing a lot of comments and questions that are answered in the video, make sure to watch the entire thing! Put a lot of work into it 😉

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    • Congrats on 1 million subs

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    • Is it possible to do 100 pull ups in a row non-stop..in under 2-3 minutes?

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    • Facts

      Balll BallBalll BallPrije 14 dana
    • See the record of kuldeep saini

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  • He is right about the blue shirts strong will

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  • Theres always the possibility that the non stop push up record has a secret resting position or the starting position when your arms are locked. If he was allowed to rest like that he might have been able to recover in that plank to keep going on, but we may never know for sure. There is buying the 1980 or 1981edition of the world records, it could be somewhere in there.

    Ryan MarisRyan MarisPrije 4 dana
  • The guy in a blue t-shirt is Legendary ♥️♥️

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  • my pakistani armyman had done more than 1500 pushups in 30 minutes officially in cometion held between many countries armies

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  • Great inspiration, real good stuff.

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  • Bruce lee did 1500 pushups in a row

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  • Kuldeep arya veer- 25,000 in a row

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  • So you can do 60 pushups in 30 sec, but still struggle to get above 100? Weird

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  • It is fake because that isn't physically possible simple as that

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  • When Browney made this video about how 10,000 push-ups is probably fake when he made a ' 1 million push-ups in a row video ' Himself doing it.

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  • He is from the Netherlands!?! Lmao

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  • 25000 pushups Indian record

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  • Wikipedia articles can be made by anyone so, that info could have been fake

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  • I feel so bad

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  • The real worl recor should be like 300 pushups

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  • www.recordholders.org/en/list/ulysses.html

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  • I can only do 100 at once

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  • Kuldeep Arya veer INDIAN 25 thousand pushups in 10 hours 😎

    • That's fake.

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  • I thought the record was 1500

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  • fact : pearl harbor was the first place in which first atomic bomb was dropped

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  • you are sayng its false becouse its not proven, which is dum logic. look at wim hof, he basicly lives in snow. if it wasnt documented noone wuld belive.

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  • Catagory 😂😂 But man love you

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