We Tried ROCK CLIMBING! | Calisthenics Athletes Try Bouldering

22. Kol 2019.
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We Tried Rock Climbing, Calisthenics Athletes Try Bouldering challenge
This was epic, we failed sometimes and fell down yes, but it was epic.
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We Tried ROCK CLIMBING! | Calisthenics Athletes Try Bouldering
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Today, Arjen and I try rock climbing! We absolutely loved bouldering/rock climbing so make sure to smash dat liek and let us know if you would like to see a part 2!
After the 1000 pushups in 1 hour challenge I had done enough pushups and calisthenics workouts for a while. So a bouldering workout it is!
Make sure to try this out when you can, bouldering/climbing is getting popular by the day. If you need some climbing motivation, make sure to come back to this video haha. Or just watch some Magnus Midtbø and see someone do it with proper form...
Special thank you to:
Boulderhal De Campus - place where we climbed
smash liek and try this
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  • This was epic, we failed sometimes and fell down yes, but it was epic.

    BrowneyBrowneyPrije godine
    • Looking at this video while being a rock climber makes this more funnier :)) you did great tho, congrats

      Hanelore AndreeaHanelore AndreeaPrije 8 dana
    • Ah i was there 2 weeks ago. Would have loved to climb/teach you guys a bit more 😁. Maybe next time.tho..

      FootBoneFootBonePrije godine
    • Browney Amazing Video #Superb 👌🏻💋

    • Long time comink this video also yes magnus could teach you some tricks

      Mathias CastrénMathias CastrénPrije godine
    • You should do a collab with Magnus Midtbo I would like to see a video of him doing some calisthenics with you and you doing some rock climbing

      EmīlsEmīlsPrije godine
  • waar was het benen werk man

    jesse nesselaarjesse nesselaarPrije 19 dana
  • That's incredible. They are so much stronger than me and even lighter. But still those boulders are so easy for me. Again, incredible what difference proper technique makes

    PeterLE2PeterLE2Prije 20 dana
  • did you redo the same climb at 03:12 with a head mounted camera ? That was pretty cool like the Liam Neeson vault in Taken

    Kaashif AhmedKaashif AhmedPrije 20 dana
  • One of the best videos on this channel

    Aditya PanditAditya PanditPrije mjesec
  • their footwork was something else 😅

    frytigre Gamingfrytigre GamingPrije mjesec
  • The first scene in the video made me think Arjen had an other injury again. Lmao

    Pitchammal SPitchammal SPrije mjesec

    Midnight Gamer - 6 Fingers ClawMidnight Gamer - 6 Fingers ClawPrije mjesec
  • It takes a little for climbing to start making sense, at least in my case hehe not that much but then it totally changes your live in a positive way

    Christian LeónChristian LeónPrije 3 mjeseci
  • Laat me weten als je een kaartje gaat boulderen in Den Haag. Ik boulder een tijdje, kan je daarmee wel helpen

    Jan Willem de BoerJan Willem de BoerPrije 3 mjeseci
  • Blue shirt guy fans hit like

    balaji g.b.balaji g.b.Prije 4 mjeseci
  • Part 2 please! want to see both of your progress

    love it if we made itlove it if we made itPrije 4 mjeseci
  • I like arjen a lot

    Purnimarani RayPurnimarani RayPrije 4 mjeseci
  • Keep going! You will improve quick. You have the muscle. All you need is finger strength and technique, which will come with practice.

    Bad MannaBad MannaPrije 8 mjeseci
  • Good for beginners! Try to work on footwork and engaging your core.

    Clary FairchildClary FairchildPrije 8 mjeseci
  • What was the highest grade you climbed

    The stunt KidsThe stunt KidsPrije 9 mjeseci
  • Hell yeah Browney! Rock climbing has been my go to stress releases for the past year and it has helped me with my strength a ton. I’d love to see some more videos like this

    Jaron FrongnerJaron FrongnerPrije godine
  • just touching the last hold even with both hands is not enough to top the route. You need to have it in control, that mean you can stay on it for few seconds. But i'd like to see more climbing videos and see how you progress on it : )

    Mr HoodsicianMr HoodsicianPrije godine
  • I know they're brand new but it always makes me cringe watching beginner footwork haha Use the tips of the shoes (toes), not the bottom or soles of the shoe!

    Ethan AnweilerEthan AnweilerPrije godine
  • So glad rock climbing is becoming more mainstream.

    Harrison StillHarrison StillPrije godine
  • you guys didn't do too bad :D

    BlocBustersBlocBustersPrije godine
    • Thanks!

      BrowneyBrowneyPrije godine
  • Jij bent echt underrated

    LennartDWLennartDWPrije godine
  • A collab with Magnus Mitbo?

    Jenda BiolekJenda BiolekPrije godine
  • It's a nice video, and if you want to do more videos on climbing, i have a few recommendations on the filming: Stay further away. It's easier to understand the situation of the problem if you have a better overview. It does nothing else but confuse (me at least) with the first-person view. It's too close. Focus on the next hold the climber has to go for.

    PASKPASKPrije godine
  • Great vid for beginners and more experienced. Having fun, motivating your climb buddy, and trying any climbs. As a climber, sometimes knowing the grade makes you doubt yourself. If you guys have not watched it, you watch The Lappnnor Project. It’s beyond strength alone-psychological. Please do more climbing videos-enjoy your fun perspective. Taking my 11 year old daughter and her friend climbing for first time today. 🤘

    Jon KrauseJon KrausePrije godine
  • Do you even have a website where you sell your products?

    john johnyjohn johnyPrije godine
  • are you real calithenics athletes...? you're lacking so much strenght in all the top of the body that's really not usual for calithenics athletes

    YelenaChanYelenaChanPrije godine
    • @YelenaChan It's not so much pulling strength what killed us, it's the freaking finger strength!!

      Arjen AlbersArjen AlbersPrije godine
    • @Browney oook xD but i said that not because of the size of your muscles just because i saw a few moment where you was struggling to do a pull up or just to grip a hold , that''s what surprized me ^^ but perhaps climbing is really different to climbing , i personnaly practice both and fell like they're kinda the same but it might be an individual feeling

      YelenaChanYelenaChanPrije godine
    • Normal calisthenics athletes are indeed

      BrowneyBrowneyPrije godine
  • You did really great Dir the first time. Would have a lot of bouldering potential if you’d keep getting the technique and more experienced. You’ve got it in you 😁

    Albus DumbledoreAlbus DumbledorePrije godine
  • 1like = 5 push ups need motivation thanks

    RasifyFnRasifyFnPrije godine
  • What's with the climbing music. No. Stop it...

    Microwave Hate MachineMicrowave Hate MachinePrije godine
  • was da nou nl daar?

    JerothoodsJerothoodsPrije godine
  • 1 video away from 400 videos

    Captain ErtronCaptain ErtronPrije godine
  • Browney ho is this song 0:31 in video with one day with calisthenics family

    Street Workout AthletesStreet Workout AthletesPrije godine
  • Happy to see you try my sport dude 💪👍

    Cayden_nCayden_nPrije godine
  • When I first saw the GoPro in the mouth I thought it was a beard. A very weird beard

    Dan TopDan TopPrije godine
  • "We're going for 5C-6A" *laughs in climber* Great to see more people trying the sport, glad to hear you guys enjoyed yourselves!

    DaveDavePrije godine
  • As a boulderer myself (7a max outside) can I just say, you guys acc did pretty good for a first time! Just gotta start thinking more about movement and less about pulling. Good work guys 💪

    Chris HallChris HallPrije godine
  • It's really refreshing to watch a complete beginner climb. Honest content.

    Mikko HaavistoMikko HaavistoPrije godine
  • Hey bronew nice video to try I new sport 🙃 I would now one thing can you do a stradelle planche 😂

    hyper reda bouguiehyper reda bouguiePrije godine
  • please make more climbing videos and cooperate with magnus midtbo

    VeniVeniPrije godine
    • @PASK probbably, but i like magnus midtbo more

      VeniVeniPrije godine
    • I don't think Magnus Midtbø would be the best idea for these guys. I would agree with elizabeth on bouldering bobats, since they're more goofy.

      PASKPASKPrije godine
    • Bouldering bobats would probably suit them more...

      Elizabeth StanleyElizabeth StanleyPrije godine
  • Looked like you guys had fun. Few tips, try to climb less on shoulder strength on use your feet more/better, keep an eye on your body position for balance and by god, DON'T climb with you gopro in your mouth! You don't have to fall on your face to break your teeth. If you slip off a hold on a slab wall chances are your face will be close to the wall. Your gopro could bump into a lot of holds on the way down ;)

    Dikkens ArtDikkens ArtPrije godine
  • The socks with the climbing shoes made me cringe so hard 😖😭😂🤘

    Cy McIntoshCy McIntoshPrije godine
    • Better to wear socks with rental shoes though 😛

      J. L.J. L.Prije godine
  • Just came across this from youtube recommended, you guys are clearly crazy strong would love to see you develop more technique!

    PitcheyhPitcheyhPrije godine
  • I want you to do another fit to fat to fit vid they always Make me want to go out side and loose weight

    Goff 311Goff 311Prije godine
  • I did Calistenics for 2 years before I started Rock climbing nice to see you guys trying it too

    Max_ 420Max_ 420Prije godine
  • 4:59 Browney: You can do it Also Browney: HOLY SHIT! HOW DID YOU DO THAT!?!?!

    Ashi SyedAshi SyedPrije godine
  • 😍

    Cruel/KevCruel/KevPrije godine
  • Aryan looks epic with the stubble

    Tushar Subhra MalakarTushar Subhra MalakarPrije godine
  • I really don’t understand why this video has so few views... the video is fun, has good quality and I immediately wanted to do this myself 👌

    hans fritzhans fritzPrije godine
  • Should reachout to magnis mitbo he is an ex pro climber turnes youtuber.

    William KrauseWilliam KrausePrije godine
    • Or bouldering bobats...for more of a fun/lax time.

      Elizabeth StanleyElizabeth StanleyPrije godine
    • or louis parkinson... ;)

      GrumpyOld JohnnyGrumpyOld JohnnyPrije godine
    • Magnus not magnis

      GrimBladeGrimBladePrije godine
  • No pain no gain

    Ricardo GarzesRicardo GarzesPrije godine
  • how tf doesn't browney have a million subs yet

    ParKoParKoPrije godine
  • Your the perfect example for a beginner with too much strength in the upper body 😂 Try to climb with extended arms and really concentrate on your footwork... that's the most basic but also most important tips for a beginner in bouldering :) Would love to see you progressing in future videos :D

    Alex EndersAlex EndersPrije godine
    • @DJ now it's 70 I assume 70 climbers read it

      PeterLE2PeterLE2Prije 19 dana
    • Why this comment has 69 likes exactly. Should I spoil it? I don't want to btw

      DJDJPrije 24 dana
    • ryan gaming3010 feet. Feet and leg strength. I’m very petite (in the waist, I make up for it in height lol) with next to none upper body strength, and instead of pulling up try to push up through your legs, kind of like you’re about to jump does that make sense, it gives you more momentum and is actually better technique than pulling up. Your muscles should develop over time anyway so...anyway just have fun!

      Koo_ kieKoo_ kiePrije 7 mjeseci
    • Alex Enders what tips do you have for a beginner but with basically no upper body strength? (The best I did was 5.10-)

      uiofinderuiofinderPrije 8 mjeseci
    • Alex Enders ikr But I was surprised they didn’t have good body tension

      BBPrije 11 mjeseci
  • Nicely filmed :) Really enjoyed watching :D

    Alex EndersAlex EndersPrije godine
  • This is the moment where magnus mitbto jumps in and makes there jaws drop

    Mike 506Mike 506Prije godine
    • @Harrison Still then there mouths will never close again

      jesse nesselaarjesse nesselaarPrije 19 dana
    • Or even a slightly overweighted medicore climber like me. If a former pro like Magnus does it, it isn't that incredible since he is all muscles.

      PeterLE2PeterLE2Prije 19 dana
    • no it's when alex honnold jumps in and does the hardest climb with 1 finger

      Toxic GamingToxic GamingPrije 25 dana
    • Jain Kim

      Super TrampSuper TrampPrije 8 mjeseci
    • Or Adam ondra

      Harrison StillHarrison StillPrije godine
  • Am I the only one that got 5 advertisements in this video? It's to crazy my men.

    Ruben van der GeestRuben van der GeestPrije godine
    • @Browney Love your vids bro. Stay strong!

      Ruben van der GeestRuben van der GeestPrije godine
    • There are 3, not 5. Oh and so far this video made me $12.

      BrowneyBrowneyPrije godine

    SVSVPrije godine
  • Hey guys, please answer this comment: I'm a skinny teen trying to get some muscle, and I saw his body transformation, so I'd like to know a good home work-out routine to bulk up and not look like a skeleton, please answer. I see many people telling me to go about a work-out but I need to know something effective

    Avanti WillistonAvanti WillistonPrije godine
  • Browney I did whole bring sally up bring sally down push up challange and im only 13 im so happy.

    Åsmund LundeÅsmund LundePrije godine
  • Hey, I am new, so maby there is a Vid i dont know. I have a question! How Long on day did u train to make this Body? I Supscribed!

    Ken KanekiKen KanekiPrije godine
  • Man the next video 😂👌❤

    Ahmed LeeAhmed LeePrije godine
  • holding the camera with his lips dsjfnsdjkfsdf

    DimdikDimdikPrije godine
  • Love your vids your guys are amazing

    SthenosSthenosPrije godine
  • I just started the calisthenics journey i am training now for 1 week and already see results and improve on pullups and dips

    RafaelRafaelPrije godine
  • Magnus Midtbø collab?

    RainRainPrije godine
  • This is bouldering dumb dumb, not rock climbing which needs a belay

    Seth ASeth APrije godine
    • :)

      BrowneyBrowneyPrije godine
    • @Browney LOL 8th word in a title! Got totally title-baited.

      Seth ASeth APrije godine
    • Read the title again

      BrowneyBrowneyPrije godine
  • Finally, been hoping youd go climbing for months! Im hyped!

    BruhOccasionBruhOccasionPrije godine
  • Hee

    Sergej DrinicSergej DrinicPrije godine
  • GREAT 💪😊

    FlorianFlorianPrije godine
  • Smash that liek

    amita khandelwalamita khandelwalPrije godine
  • The next time you Go climbing try to climb more with your Legs then with your arms it helps a lot 🔥💪🏻

    Lucius VanlaerLucius VanlaerPrije godine
  • 9:00 edits on point 👏🔥🔥

    Calbert gariboCalbert gariboPrije godine
  • Each progression level, it requires an 'extra' skill/technique to complete. such as, learn to hold your body close to the wall, learn holding the boulder stone with your fingertips, leg placement, high knee push and so on. It helps if you have a good proprioception.

    daisuke910daisuke910Prije godine
  • I'm going bouldering on my birthday with by friend in a few days. Good video! Keep it up.

    G3nekG3nekPrije godine
    • Bouldering is the BEST

      Brian PonsonbyBrian PonsonbyPrije 4 mjeseci
  • 3:42 *rub rub smack smack rub rub smack*

    ChocoChipChocoChipPrije godine
  • collab with magnus mitbo

    afwezigafwezigPrije godine
  • I wonder how your fingers are after this... I did it once and did a lot of the higher level ones but I basically had rub burns and blisters on every one. I was proud to be able to do some of the hardest ones. I used to climb trees all the time as I was younger and I'm rather light, so I was able to pick myself up easily

    Red GalaxyRed GalaxyPrije godine
  • Great vid, love seeing u and arjen doing this kind of stuff 🙌🏼💪

    Snack DaddySnack DaddyPrije godine
  • Damn Nice🔥 great work guys insane footage👊. Stan can never do it the easy way (with GoPro just.....why do it easy right) 😂 . 🙌🙌🙌

    MichaelMichaelPrije godine
  • More rock climbing, u guys are loving it, and that makes it fun to watch!

    MrChokoMrChokoPrije godine
  • Lovely video 💋💋💋

  • Damn arjen really knows alot about climbing

    MerijnMerijnPrije godine
  • I’ve been wanting to see this for a long time! Awesome video👍

    Ford WilliamsFord WilliamsPrije godine
  • I wanted to try bouldering but they got rid of the one in my city

    Griffee LloydGriffee LloydPrije godine
  • SMASHED the liek button

    Jannes WöhltjenJannes WöhltjenPrije godine
  • guy of the blue shirt XDD 4:29

    TIO TONITIO TONIPrije godine
  • Bro 5b is not insane stuff lmao

    Filip SfetcuFilip SfetcuPrije godine
  • Your biceps don't look good because they don't take a spherical shape that you need to exercise more

    Hossam El-DinHossam El-DinPrije godine
  • Yes dude!🔥 more bouldering and climbing in general man

    Francesco GressaniFrancesco GressaniPrije godine
  • The guy in blue shirt is back 💪🏻

    Jordan EdenJordan EdenPrije godine
  • What a lovely new blue shirt 👕

    James PalmerJames PalmerPrije godine
  • Love the climbing vid, this is exactly what I've been wanting for a while. Great editing as usual, great production!

    Nicholas AntunezNicholas AntunezPrije godine
  • I’m not first I’m not last but I’m here to see browney because his content smashes

    Jon YuomJon YuomPrije godine
  • Drink your water 💦

    Lmao A_BLmao A_BPrije godine
  • Cool vid ☺👍👍

    Finn HarkFinn HarkPrije godine
  • Arjen's baccck!

    raulraulPrije godine
  • Isn’t this bouldering?

    Fabian FlanaganFabian FlanaganPrije godine
  • How would PewDiePie say ... EPIC

    ReaverTNReaverTNPrije godine
  • This was awesome, i started rock climbing regulary now, it would be cool to see you progress aswell, more rock climbing vids

    Lil OwlLil OwlPrije godine
  • Great video. Going to inspire people to put their calisthenics/gymnastic abilities into practical survival skills so they can be totally integrative in balance, limb and finger/toe strength. You guys will be able to scale cliffs and go fetch wounded or herded mountain goats and toss them down to your hungry tribe if we ever had to revert to raw survival skills. Bravo.

    Jim DJim DPrije godine
    • Wtf 😂

      Barbara KolbBarbara KolbPrije godine