This is what you can eat in a day (WHAT DO YOU CHOOSE?)

30. Ruj 2019.
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This is what you can eat in a day, YOU DECIDE
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This is what you can eat in a day, YOU DECIDE
Let’s just look at a normal day:
Breakfast, cereals which are 115 calories per serving, which is always easily doubled so 230 calories. The milk another 100/150. The slices of bread another 200. Chocolate or peanut butter related? another 200 calories. The drink is milk or orange juice so another 100/150 calories.
Lunch, sandwich or anything you buy at school, work, gas station, or anything lunch is around 500 calories. The soda another 100 calories. if you add a salad you bought or something else like fries another 500.
Dinner, mostly 600 calories + a soda (probably more than one) + ice another 200/300. and this is a very light dinner for some.
Snacks, for some this adds only a few hundred calories. But for most this adds another 500-800 calories. and again this could be very light for some.
So a normal day? Around 3500 calories, maybe a little lower for some people but for some a lot higher as well.

This obviously isn't the most optimal diet. Like we all know, it's not healthy bla bla bla. But what diet do you choose then?
There are a lot of different diets out there and there are supporters and haters, so it’s hard to tell which one is the right one. Honestly, I think almost all of the diets have some really good points.. and some bad ones. So it’s completely up to you to follow the one you think is best.

Let's look at another diet:
Meal 1: oats and almond milk and some fruit
Meal 2: eggs, vegetables.
Meal 3: Rice, chicken and broccoli
Snack? protein shake and some more fruit. Protein bar you name it.
This is a very strict diet, with enough calories and the right macros and micros. But, that’s not entirely necessary to just live a little healthier, if that’s the goal.
This video isn’t to tell you to eat this strict diet or you are a failure, no.
We want you to just think a little bit more about what you put in your body all the time, and maybe just maybe try out some new stuff, and see how you like it. No need for a 100% strict and clean diet, but it’s an important topic and we are a 100% sure you can find great foods that you love and make you feel a lot better than the empty calories.
We hope you enjoyed this video and
Keep us updated on your journey in the comments below.
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  • Go smash dat liek, worked hard on this one. What does your diet look like?

    BrowneyBrowneyPrije godine
    • Browney het is like niet liek

      bobo Swinkelsbobo SwinkelsPrije 27 dana
    • Breakfast- hot milk with almond oil, 2 dry figs, other dry fruits, flaxseeds Snack 1 - seasonal fruits Lunch - 2 chappati breads with cooked and tasty north indian vegetables.( which are cooked with tomatoes, onions, garlics, ginger, various herbs, various spices) with buttermilk Snack 2 - milk with few peanuts, or 2 biscuits Snack 3 - fruits Dinner - 1 chappati bread or rice with legumes, beans, peas, grams etc. With buttermilk Snack-2 milk with almond oil. There's so much diversity in our food and most people here don't eat meat or eggs at all, and we are all good man. We get all the proteins we need.

      Ansh SehrawatAnsh SehrawatPrije mjesec
    • @Lars Kammers hi ek praten afrikaans en dit hetin baie die selfende taal gerbruiken ne as jou dutch

      Renoir ChristieRenoir ChristiePrije mjesec
    • @TheFlaming Ninja same thing I'm going through, did he ever reply to you

      Tyler CullenTyler CullenPrije mjesec
    • Awesome Maniadraws not bad! Don't like oats but that sounds really good

      Batul RazaBatul RazaPrije 11 mjeseci
  • can i replace chicken with beef

    Hollywood GamerHollywood GamerPrije 4 dana
  • rice chicken and broccoli

    Buğra Etka ÖZCANBuğra Etka ÖZCANPrije 7 dana
  • I'm not fat I need this calories

    Felix R. SaballaFelix R. SaballaPrije 9 dana
  • 3k3 calorine wow, that is quite a lot I have only 2k calorine a day

    Vincent Doan NguyenVincent Doan NguyenPrije 11 dana
  • I play 5 sports and I'm 10

    Gavin WolfeGavin WolfePrije 11 dana
  • First meal: lunch Whatever my mom made Second meal: cheese, tahini, eggs, cream, tuna, cereal (if necessary) fruits and veggies That's it

    Yahya AswadYahya AswadPrije 17 dana
  • Burger

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  • Great respect for you sir 🙏😊

    Pratham ChaturvediPratham ChaturvediPrije 19 dana
  • I eat 7800 calories a day and im thin as fuk

    Balázs TánczosBalázs TánczosPrije 19 dana
  • Be careful because you're confusing good and bad calories, with what macros you're eating, there is no empty calory, but instead an empty carb

    Jonathan SchechterJonathan SchechterPrije 20 dana
  • After i have added 40 pounds to my weight this christmas i will go for a diet i swear...

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  • i can eat 1 toast and I'm full for a whole day

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  • after watching a decent amount of your videos do you just eat maccas all day and stay lean wtf???!

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  • I saw a lot of food in this video it came to the point where iam not hungry anymore

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  • I have a question how did u know that I was hungry? YOU ARE VERY SCARY BRO.

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  • I measure one serving of eggs when I have them I have 2 Oreos a day (snack) and usually with milk and I don’t like soda😂

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  • Je overdreef wel een beetje bij lunch en diner 🤏

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  • The real true is OMAD, it's just one meal a day. Literally is so easy, u don't even have to overthink what the hell you eat

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  • Amazing editing 🙂

    Tyler CullenTyler CullenPrije mjesec
  • a little late but everyone's doing so I'm gonna do it too breakfast: oatmeal or granola with 1 banana, 2 or 3 slices of bread with curd snack: an apple lunch: bell pepper, onion and tomato chopped, a raw carrot, maybe some cauliflower, broccoli and white rice, lentils, two chicken eggs, bread and soy milanesa dinner: usually some cookies with chocolate milk, maybe a banana or an apple and other junk foods but not too much

    LucasLucasPrije mjesec
  • Try on indian foods some day??? N rate them...🤔

    DR RANDOMDR RANDOMPrije mjesec
  • Well I eat like 3500-4500 cal every day, 105kg, 6.8ft tall 9% body fat 3h workout 6/7 daysl I feel like hulk whenever i enter in class hall, missing those days 😭 Panjabi Indian

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  • My daily meals: Breakfast: Rice wine Lunch: Rice Dinner: Porridge Snacks: Rice Crackers They say you are what you eat, if thats true i will become a bowl of rice at age 20

    LT WangLT WangPrije 5 mjeseci
  • The last diet is actually really accurate to what I eat in a day, and I'm kinda proud of myself now because I'm only 14 years old

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  • Bread ain’t empty calories they fill you up good😊

    simone pegelssimone pegelsPrije 6 mjeseci
  • This video was really enjoyable, I don't know why but it was. My food is always different but it has the same structure: Breakfast: Anabolic french toast (If you know Dr. Greg, then you know) with apples and cinnamon on top (or half a banana), or an omelet with lots of vegetables and some feta. Coffee with almond milk. Snack: 100g yogurt or cottage cheese sweetened with 10g of protein powder and 100g of frozen berries. If I'm not hungry, a protein shake does the trick. Lunch: 125g of whatever meat (grilled, in a stir fry (korean and thai stir-fries FTW), tomato-based stew or curry), 200-300g of whatever vegetables I can get, if I go to the gym then 30-50g of carbs (rice, potatoes, legumes, beans, pasta), and water. Snack 2: cucumber with chili sauce or bell pepper. Black tea with almond milk and a square of 99% chocolate. Dinner: same as lunch minus the starchy carbs + miso soup. And I love every single day. I eat something fried or a cake once a week. My stomach complains but hey, it tastes good.

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  • in our country,we've never heard of dinner...but literally

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  • Sometimes I can’t even eat 1 meal a day and I’m 150kg

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  • i 24 hour fast usually everyday

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  • I love the final message: just think a little bit about what you are ptting in your body and don't necessarily go on a strict diet :)

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  • I always hungry and eat like 6 times a day. But i still a skinny skeleton

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  • funny things is most 'unhealthy' foods taste worst than heathy one

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  • And some cookies. 1. 2. ...5.

    Zhiyue YANGZhiyue YANGPrije 11 mjeseci
  • For a 5’6”, 130lbs male, 1900 calories per day is the right amount to maintain my weight if I don’t do any exercises.

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  • My diet is eat in whatever I find (in my house ofcouse)

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  • you just made me feel bad

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  • This is nothing like I eat

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  • I‘m grateful I was born in a culture with great food. Sure turkish cuisine has some unhealthy stuff too but it‘s pretty balanced. Yoghurt, eggs, vegetables, meat dishes and lot of pastries. Try different mezes, sarma, hummus, muhammara, kısır, (bulgur rice salad), çiğ köfte, çoban salatası (your greek salad), kabak dolması (zucchini filled with meat and rice), fasulye (beans cooked with onions and tomato paste) Key to cooking healthy but tasty is about the spices and the dressing. Nothing goes bland. Give your food some love, like dressing it up for a party. And of course not every dish can be 100% healthy just to fit your diet, but that was explained in the video already. Eat just enough, not too much more, and fill that with food that does good to your body AND your senses

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  • Idk, sometimes I don't eat anything at all for one whole day cuz I seriously don't feel hungry. For the whole day. No water, no food. And I'm fine. And then most of the times. I see myself eating more than I should. I eat around 3000++(or even 4000+)calories per day(including snacks). Basically plain old boring breakfast. Nice lunch. Then I'll go out and buy somemore food. Chips, soda, instant noodles and MacDonalds. Dinner, sometimes I have it sometimes I don't. But my mom always make nice food so I try to have dinner everyday. Supper. Some nice food and some chips,oreos,cakes,chocolate,biscuits. The best thing is that. I never gain weight.:/

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  • I think the rule of 3 is best. 3 fruits/veggies a meal 3 grains a day 3 meats a week 3 junk meals a month (Dairy doesn’t fit but just eat in a moderate manner)

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  • Im asian so.... rice everyday every meal. I would eat.. Breakfast: rice & egg, vitamins or sometimes only fruit or nothing (cause sometimes i dont like the food but its eat or dont) Lunch: eat whatever im served cause eat or not eat Dinner: eat whatever im served Snacks: whatever my dad packed for me Though now im trying to convince my mom to let us have oats for breakfast (i used too but it was the chocolate kind) All meals with water cuz juice is pricey

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  • I am 20 years old man 5'10 eating like normal human being, not fast food just like shit americans but I am eating more healthy options, in a day its about 2000-2500 minimum but I am 120 lbs, 😂😂 does it make any sense???

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