This is the best PROTEIN shake you will ever make

23. Ruj 2019.
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The Best Protein Shake You Will Ever Make, How To Protein Shake 101
Where I get my Whey Protein:
Code: 'Browney' for 35% discount!
My top 5 impact whey protein powder flavours:
1) Chocolate Banana
2) Natural Chocolate
3) Strawberry roly-poly
4) Blueberry Cheesecake
5) Vanilla
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The Best Protein Shake You Will Ever Make | How To Protein Shake 101
How to protein shake?
Today we're making a protein shake, every protein shake to be exact.
You have got lots and lots of different extras:
Cinnamon, peanut butter, oats, seeds, leafy greens like spinach or kale, yoghurt... (check the video for more)
A lot of you are working on your 'body transformation', so one of the easiest and protein rich foods and recipes is a protein shake.

smash liek and try this out, make your own favourite shake!
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  • Make sure to watch the entire vid because I spent way too much time on the end animation + you will find arjen his new @ on instagram..

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    • Plant based

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    • Have you tried sun warrior planet pased protein pouder.

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    • ive always wanted to see a video in which you work out with a voice over talking through your process or a day in which you try max dips, pullups, muscle ups with different weights. keep up the great work, youre killing it!

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    • #Smashthatliek #Drinkyourwater

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    • @theguyintheblueshirt ayyyyy loved the video man smashed the liek

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  • I have flavorless stuff and it taste disgusting. Any tips?

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  • Smash LIEK, dring MALK.

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  • Wouldn't ice thin it out, not make it thicc?

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    • Well I guess if you blend it the ice will be like slush, therefore making it *_thicc_*

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  • Banana whey is nasty trust me

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  • 2:50 My Siri heard “Hey Siri” and turned on

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  • Got an ad! Well done! Great video ❤️👍

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  • Wow this is really your best vid yet

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  • Best Shake: 2 eggs, cottage chees, frozen strawberrys milk, and protein powder its so good

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  • Yo browney, no hate but why do ur arms look so small? Sick vid tho

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    • It's the camera view I think

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    • Its not milk its malk

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  • Literally, I tried Strawberry Jam Roly Poly before and it's freaking disgusting. I really don't like any artificial flavours though.

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  • Drink your protien water

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  • How old would you say you should be to start having shakes?

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  • Browney, could you please make a video on warmups for different body parts: arms, back, shoulders etc. please and thank you.

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  • My ideal protein shake: Vanilla Whey protein 1 banana 1 cup of milk Ice

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    • Just bought protein and wondering how much milk you need to add and when to take it in ?

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  • I feel like Myprotein protein always tastes kinda bitter or it just has a really weird taste for some reason? I buy MdoubleYou protein, but I will use this tip because it will still taste yummy yummy in da tummy. Great vid guys!

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  • Way too many plants - showing a vegan influence. The plants Do Not Want us Eating Them. Why they produce massive amounts of plant bio-toxins (lectins, oxalates, goitrogen precursors and anti-nutrients) to kill, sicken or wipe out reproductive function (and rot one's brain too with brain rust/ROS - Alzheimers, Dementia, depression mental illness). You young guys can get away with it for a while but in 10 years of eating high plant food and especially the fake "natural" looking fruit like Bananas (that are now all GMO/hybrid super-sized, super-sweet) you will get kidney and bile duct stones, systemic body cavity inflammation (stressing immune system and inviting cancers and other illnesses), and retrograded thyroid function. Humans are fundamentally carnivore and at best only designed to eat fructose and a few above ground plants seasonally (late summer/fall) to fatten up for the winter (when we are designed to cycle own body fat and use it for most of our fuel). Stay metabolicically flexible - protein/good-fats (real nuts are ok - no legumes though like peanuts) in winter through early spring and only a few plants/fruits at other times. Our energy powerhouse electron bio-turbnies (mitochondria) run on two kinds of fuel - glucose and fatty-acids/ketones. Cycle them seasonally and you can live to 120 years of high quality life and full reproduvtive function and have super high body-strength-to-body-weight ratio all your life.

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    • Jim D stfu

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