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The BEST and WORST exercises to do at home
Today I am going to look at home workout exercises that you can find online, and if I press X for doubt and think the exercise could suck, I am going to try it and see if it is any good.
The videos I watched:
WORKOUT At HOME (19 Best Exercises)
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WORKOUT At HOME (69 Best Exercises)
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  • smash liek. Edit: Yes, some of these exercises are pretty good - but make sure to focus on the basics and make gains 📈

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    • Please reply to me...

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    • Thank you for explain.

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    • *STONKS*

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  • Guy in the blue shirt do be skipping leg day tho 🤣🤣🤣

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  • I can watch you whole day 🥰

    Shikhar TiwariShikhar TiwariPrije 2 dana
  • Your my inspiration since yesterday!!!!

  • Hey can you make a workout regimen playlist? Like for people to follow

    Rodrigo del CidRodrigo del CidPrije 4 dana
  • If you say smash the like one more it i will delete your game

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  • At 9:30 you towl is to short dummy

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  • If you are looking for really good training videos where you can learn more about exercising you should watch calistenic movement. Alex studied sport science and Sven is a trained physiotherapist and they explain all the exercises they show in detail. Browneys channel is more for entertainment and inspiration. CalistenicMovement is for education.

    PeterLE2PeterLE2Prije 14 dana
  • No one ever did most of these exercises after they uploaded the video! I bought rings online for pull ups, dips and bodyweight rows and a matt for exercises on the ground, like situps and W - Raises. I am doing calisthenics for 2 years now and I don't think I am losing my gains - you don't need those "fancy" workouts.

    Arminder batthArminder batthPrije 14 dana
  • oh you are almost at one mil subs. How dos it feel?

    Albin ThörnerAlbin ThörnerPrije 15 dana
  • My coach makes us do embarrassing exercises that arent even effective they are supposed to be cardio and they dont even make me out of breath

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  • i love you

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  • je bent strijder

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  • I watch athlean x and heria pro

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  • 9:02 It's Jeremy Buendia bro. 2018 Mr Olympia mens physique

    Ayesh MalshanAyesh MalshanPrije 22 dana
  • I smashed leak. Love your channel dude.

    Peter TallowinPeter TallowinPrije 23 dana
  • ur leg meke me laught

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  • Please tell me some beginner,intermediate and advanced workout plan to become like you with a good diet plan.😊😊

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  • I tried my best to smash liek all of ur vids no joke cuz i love ur vids so much I dont think you are gonna see this but if you somehow do then I love your vids and keep going :)

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  • ...and you doing videos about nothing, just waisting our time....keep it under 4 minutes

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  • Im crying because they put their shoes on the couch 😭

    Awakened KaijiAwakened KaijiPrije 28 dana
  • Gyms are still open in Leipzig/GER, we're doing pretty constant in the covid game😬

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  • 5:23 KITTY!!

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  • Thanks

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  • I cant do diamond push ups because my elbows always click when i do it xd

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  • i watch that channel and learn stuff from the channel he shown

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  • Love from india

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  • hey man why is your title these videos NEED to be stopped but you a prove almost everyone of their workouts?

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  • 11:42 Don't Use Your Thumbs To Anchor Yourself It's Suppose To Be Hard Put Your Hand On The Chair.

    ImmeasurableSubs MyIdealSubsImmeasurableSubs MyIdealSubsPrije mjesec
  • 10:49 Lower Your Hands Down The Door Going Up Higher Is Just Going To Make It Easier.

    ImmeasurableSubs MyIdealSubsImmeasurableSubs MyIdealSubsPrije mjesec
  • 10:28 You Would Have To Use Your Hands And Forearms And Triceps And Biceps To Stable The Chair Making It Harder To Pull Up That's Why It's Extremely Hard.

    ImmeasurableSubs MyIdealSubsImmeasurableSubs MyIdealSubsPrije mjesec
  • Guys just stick to normal workouts don’t wast your time in wired once’s

    Josevictor HermosilloJosevictor HermosilloPrije mjesec
  • i like how they just stole richard duchons footage and used it for views lol

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  • Please stop swearing

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  • Great video guys!

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  • Thought it was freezing there but then I remembered that they are in Celsius

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  • 6:58 You should wipe the floor before filming, bro! Great video anyway

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  • Nobody: Corona: **exist** Workout channels: *its my time to shine*

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  • Can you pls tell why did u made this video titled "these videos needs to be stopped" if you had to approve all the exercises.

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  • 10:37 dollo 😂 like als je nederlands bent

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  • I laughed soo hard when he said " Now is my time you shine ". Crazy bro 🤜

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  • At first I felt that browney is gonna make fun of those towel exercises but he actually approved them all

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  • Trash

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  • The blue Shirted Guy Has a thin Legs

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  • You have a wonderful house and amazing garden ❤️❤️....and yea the video is also nice

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  • Superb

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  • It was good, along with fun, workouts too. तुम दोनों लड़के भी बहुत interesting हो यार,,,♥️

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  • HAHAHA 😂 very funny and educational

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  • Do you have shoulder injury in all video??

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  • *the world completely ending Browney: smash liek

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  • ''27 degres nd your doing snow angels'' no shade thrown beacus your from europe but 27 degres is below 0 c

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    • Are you speaking Fahrenheit?

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  • Ah yes, I like the dollo

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  • If you want a great home workout go to Jeff cavalier athlene x

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  • The towel on the the foot like the curls and rows are very bad for your tendons

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  • I love back music..

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  • What is background music...?

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  • Smash liek

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  • snow angel in variation is literal breaststroke in swimming and it's very effective. =)

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  • He’s like fitness pewdipie

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  • Only Dutch people understand dollo 😂😂

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  • Browney:stop this Un useless exercise. Browney now: ow! I got Sixpack cool!

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  • if you don't have decent weights, dont do biceps or triceps or i'd say any of it lol.

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  • Yeah, you need to stop your nonsense videos.

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  • Assisted Hyper Extension actually works

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  • when he sais dollo 😳

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  • I'm your biggest fan bro..

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  • Hahahaha dollo bedankt voor de oefeningen by the way

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  • bruh i just turned into the black lebronjames

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  • Wtf did you try to say with this video? Did you approve or not?

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  • Why douse this kid not have subscribers

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  • in so many ways i see vitruvian physique

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  • who else replayed the "now is my time to shine" a million times😂😂😂 new browney fan

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  • Igor is watching you 😒😒😏

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  • This is what I wanted, like there is so much confusion

  • the title is an antithesis to the content lol

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  • I knew this was a thing with the fake advice sports channel, but not that I looked for myself, its ridicolous how much of these channels are around... even with success! And the fact with the picture, if this is the case in several videos youtube should shut them down. This is dangerous and puts lack of quality on youtube. Lower back exercise showing arm muscles killed me. holy shit, throw shit at him and the channel and spamm the report button I mean I looked channels up, its kind of a joke this is valid "lmao!"

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  • Igor's workout is way better

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  • You need to get the blue shirt guy some more blue shirts for variety. He's always wearing the same thing haha

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  • pus up lol 9 ;

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  • “Smash link” It’s pronounced smash like.

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  • I wish i have ur gym equipments lol but im grindin i still got two 5kg dumbbells so imma just increase the reps like 30 reps

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  • "this guy" is 4x Mr. Olympia Physique Champ, bet he is looking at your legs :'(

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  • No entiendo nada pero igual veo

    Carlos MuñozCarlos MuñozPrije 5 mjeseci

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  • Your so stupid person... Why u using small towel ...if u use lagre then u can do proper exercise

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  • I like the pole,Its 69 hehe

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  • You need to be stopped also.

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  • the weird laugh at 11:13

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