The MyProtein Lifestyle

3. Kol 2019.
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The MyProtein Lifestyle, It was a really epic trip, too bad it ended like that...
(offer almost gone)
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The MyProtein Lifestyle
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  • Get THE BODYWEIGHT MASTER: Thank you for the support so far 🔥

    BrowneyBrowneyPrije godine
    • That’s with

      BrowneyBrowneyPrije godine
    • Is it 50€ with or without the discount

      BruhOccasionBruhOccasionPrije godine
    • Coloca legenda em português (Brasil)

      GabrielaGabrielaPrije godine
  • I would love to be a MyProtein athlete and do the stuff you did on your trip!

    Lauren FlaigLauren FlaigPrije 4 mjeseci
  • How the fuck u have just that manny views u deserve much much more with ur editing skills and video ideas

    SimkoSimkoPrije godine
  • Good videos but get rid of the Obama clip at the end of your video's. He's passe and a hater of America.

    Jim DJim DPrije godine
  • How tall r u fam?

    Jimmy TJimmy TPrije godine
  • Dear stanbrowny I love you man, hope you are happy and good, try to get some real life hacks and be careful of what happening in your surrounding. Love you so much 😍😍😍😎😎💘💘🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇪🇬🇪🇬🇪🇬👌👍👍👍👌😘😘😘

    Ahmed ElmogiAhmed ElmogiPrije godine
  • Lol are you dutch?

    Tobi MeijersTobi MeijersPrije godine
  • Are the bottles not available anymore? 😢

    Bill NamadarBill NamadarPrije godine
  • fat

    Dávid SzalkaiDávid SzalkaiPrije godine
  • I started paying attention to Myprotein because of U!!!! I followed your HRworld channel, became your fan, got information about Myprotein, bought the protein powder, clothes, etc. Now I am already Browney Myprotein FAN!!!!

    조원진조원진Prije godine
  • Already smashing the liek before even skipping the ad.

    Sergeant HansSergeant HansPrije godine
  • yo stan what flavours do you recommend for the whey?

    ElonicLightsElonicLightsPrije godine
  • Happy Friendship day Browney

    Night GuyNight GuyPrije godine
  • Is your microwave an oven? Haha, I love this video and your new transitions!

    UltimakeyUltimakeyPrije godine
  • this is interesting!🔥

    et3.0 Bet3.0 BPrije godine
  • I saw your physique in the thumbnail...and was immediately amazed....u have developed so much...smashed leik first..then watched the video..... I also workout brownie..♥️

    Ñemiñ GutkaÑemiñ GutkaPrije godine
  • You’re insane brooo btw what is your height bro??

    Ricky GonzalezRicky GonzalezPrije godine
  • Your skills of montaging got so good.

    POLSKIPOLSKIPrije godine
  • Damn I didn't know that my protein was such a big company

    Deepak PereiraDeepak PereiraPrije godine
    • It’s really big haha

      BrowneyBrowneyPrije godine
  • getting sponsored by myprotein is a dream xd EPIC (btw nice edits there, lit)

    StamkoskoStamkoskoPrije godine
  • Holy shit sick editing 🙌🙌

    Roi GipotRoi GipotPrije godine
  • Ayyy l live in Manchester

    m0m0Prije godine
  • It was a really epic trip, too bad it ended like that...

    BrowneyBrowneyPrije godine
  • Meet Mo Samuelssssss.

    MKH 60MKH 60Prije godine
  • Every videos editing just gets better and better KEEP IT UP MAN also can we get more vlogs like this they are very entertaining

    Grant HaunGrant HaunPrije godine
  • more forged London necklaces?

    KingKingPrije godine
  • Nice video Browney 😄 It looks like you've had fun with the My Protein journey and with the other guys. And that factory is really big🤭

    Sanne VoermansSanne VoermansPrije godine
  • Awesome man,you are the best hey💪🏻❤ Smash Dat LIEK 🔥💪🏻❤

    dimi3jedimi3jePrije godine
  • Transitions are sick af and the movement shots are so good😍 what (HP) laptop do you use to edit while traveling?

    Jules van den BliekJules van den BliekPrije godine
  • As someone who hopes to be sponsored by MyProtein one day, I can say that I smashed that liek 🔥

    Ethan CloughEthan CloughPrije godine
    • Pezza hey thank you 🙌🏼

      Ethan CloughEthan CloughPrije godine
    • Omg i love your channel didnt think i would see you here mate

      Rowan PerryRowan PerryPrije godine
  • Im 100% sure stan will become one of the all time best on this plataform not only for calisthenics but general content making. This is Casey Neistat levels of video making bro, keep up the insane good work!

    Christian FernandesChristian FernandesPrije godine
  • Finally

    Mighty MouseMighty MousePrije godine
  • Why the f does everyone now has to take the countdown from smash ?

    Funky kongFunky kongPrije godine
    • Cool video btw

      Funky kongFunky kongPrije godine
  • Perfect ! and nice edit !

    Louca SELVALouca SELVAPrije godine
  • U inspired me to start working out again and I lost 10lbs so far. Thanks stan💯💪

    David LertDavid LertPrije godine
  • Insane edit,just one question do you ever do weight trainning because I am a bodybuilder and I do calisthenics sometimes so do you do any other style of trainning except calisthenics?

    jay aesthetixsjay aesthetixsPrije godine
  • Good Day 💖

    Cosmin Andrei BuzneaCosmin Andrei BuzneaPrije godine
  • Omg This editing

    SebastianSebastianPrije godine
  • Awesome video, remember to smash liek or a cat will eat ur cookies

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  • You should do planche between that two beds, hand on bed Edit: nvm

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  • Another Amazing video i really enjoyed it. also the Editing was fantastic :) have a fantastic day.

    Darkest bladerDarkest bladerPrije godine
  • Sick video bro! Those transitions 😩 Also I peep the black Forged London 👀

    Austin DunhamAustin DunhamPrije godine
    • Austin, the *Holy Shit Machine*

      Lawrence 02Lawrence 02Prije godine
    • 👀🔥

      BrowneyBrowneyPrije godine
  • 🙌 Nice 🎥🔥‼️ @myproteinnl good to see that some big brands do take of its people. 👍💪

    MichaelMichaelPrije godine
  • Amaizing edit bro ❤❤❤

    Sebastian ArdeleanSebastian ArdeleanPrije godine
  • how the hell u hold your camera so still????? schould make workout program for that to :)

    Eliah AugustijnenEliah AugustijnenPrije godine
  • That is some niceeeee editing bro

    SadDoggoSadDoggoPrije godine
    • Thanks! 🙌

      BrowneyBrowneyPrije godine
  • Common Browney I'm still waiting for the Keanu Reeves outro

    y.miggsy.miggsPrije godine
  • Great video bro.Could you make a tutorial how to do one hand pull-up?

    josephsmth646josephsmth646Prije godine
    • Watch thenx on HRworld

      da legendda legendPrije godine
  • You are so cool!)

    Svyatoslav FokaSvyatoslav FokaPrije godine
  • BROWNEY is one of my favorite channel... 👇🏻 Who else?

    • Stop begging for likes bruv 😂 pathetic

      TextuReProTextuReProPrije godine
  • Browneys the reason I started my fitness journey

    skylar johnsonskylar johnsonPrije godine
  • Video with arjen maybe???

    Fikoo HristoffFikoo HristoffPrije godine
    • Soon again!

      BrowneyBrowneyPrije godine
  • Can I eat eurokrem if I train ??

    ZweezZweezPrije godine
  • B E A N S 🦍🦍

    Denis ScotTDenis ScotTPrije godine
  • Man Nice vids, you are a god, you are really funny and you are a god at calisthenics, could you do a how to muscle up ❤️

    SevenSevenPrije godine
  • From Algeria💕

    Lahrem LahremLahrem LahremPrije godine
    • Bayna les Zommes, lol !!!

      Salem RamziSalem RamziPrije godine
    • @Salem Ramzi 😂😂 win Troh tel9ana hhhh

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    • lool i thought i'm the only one !!!!!

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  • Nice video. Loved your edites

    Rasmus BothRasmus BothPrije godine
  • Great video bro👍

    DaBeastDaBeastPrije godine
  • Stan isn’t just a calisthenics athlete. He’s an insane videographer & editor! These transitions were silky smooth and the videos flowed from start to finish 👌🏼 trip looked so fun 😭

    Megan'sLensMegan'sLensPrije godine
  • watching in 222 views *3

    Andreas SkourtisAndreas SkourtisPrije godine
  • When you are going to show Arjen's 30 day transformation?

    Jonne SavolainenJonne SavolainenPrije godine
    • Ok. Thanks for the information.

      Jonne SavolainenJonne SavolainenPrije godine
    • We kinda planned everything wrong - he was on holiday and so was I. Not sure if we are going to turn it Into a 90 days thing!

      BrowneyBrowneyPrije godine
  • wow second

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  • Insane edits!!

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  • *Guys dont forget to liek the vid!*

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  • Ur chest looking insane

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  • Browney what's your height

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  • U are looking insanely good man 👌👌

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  • 12liker

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  • 🔥🔥🔥

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  • 💪🦵 drink your water

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  • Literally first

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  • Eyy browney

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  • Second.

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  • مين عربي يسوي لايك

  • *Noice.*

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  • What’s up

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