She transformed her body and lost 20kg in 150 days! (-45lbs)

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How she transformed her body and lost 20kg in 150 days (-45lbs)
Her workouts, diet & cardio!
This video shows Amber's entire journey from the past 150 days, sit back, get inspired and enjoy.
Here are 5 steps to follow
1. Found out how many calories she needs a day
2. She ate in a caloric deficit
3. Added cardio to her journey
4. Started eating proper foods and hitting her protein so she was full and she builds some muscle to tone her body
5. She was consistent, dedicated
The workout program she uses right now is The Bodyweight Master, a program I created and that you can get online a well! Her diet is The Browney Diet with some other recipes that we will add to the diet soon. Her cardio routine is the Six Pack secrets course!
I have another workout program as well that you can check out, this program is great if you want to focus on calisthenics, calisthenics skills and weighted calisthenics.
See you there!
Instagram: @StanBrowney
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How she transformed her body and lost 20kg in 150 days (-45lbs)
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    • This is inspiring

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    • make an ab journey for her next

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  • i like how nice everyone here is

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  • She is so beautifull,,

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  • I Love how he supports his sister

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  • i like to dance so i do dance workout but i dont do it to lose weight but to stay healty. cuz more teenager just look at their phone. or play games so i dance a home cuz we have mo good place to dance in our village.

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  • Ask your sister to use shampoo and wash her hair, they look sooo dirty

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  • She kinda still looks fat

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  • The key to loosing weight is not loosing weight, it is changing your life style.

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  • Smash that lick

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  • Beautiful Family! fair play to you for leading the way @Browney Looking forward to seeing her at the end of ONE HUNDREEEED AND EIIIIIIIGHTYY. All rights reserved.

    Jonnie DugganJonnie DugganPrije 17 dana
  • so proud of you sticking with it and not letting how you feel on those tough days stop you. you are sure to beat your goal the way you are going. Very well done. Congrats.

    wayne dwayne dPrije 17 dana
  • I need help too

    Moses WanjalaMoses WanjalaPrije 18 dana
  • Wonna see my lags xd there black

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  • The deficit she is on is way too high for most people to maintain. It's extremely difficult to maintain a diet long term when you're eating at a 500+ calorie deficit. To be on a sustainable diet, you have to take things very slowly. Yes if you eat at a massive deficit you will see much faster results, but the danger of rebounding and binging is so much higher. In general you want to decrease your calorie in take slowly over time while maintaining a consistent exercise regime. That means a no greater than 300 calorie deficit at any time. This means however that you will only see significant results after several months and it may take up to a year or even slightly longer to reach your goal weight. But for most people this slow but steady process is better because it will prevent binge eating and rebounding later on.

    Yegang ParkYegang ParkPrije 20 dana
  • what app did u use?

    Ashnan KirithararasanAshnan KirithararasanPrije 21 dan
  • That's amazing!! Keep going 💪💪💪💪💪

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  • Her face reminds me of my sisters classmate, they were best friends, she died of covid 3 days ago :(

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  • Came over from the other video. Did anyone else buy that weight scale for 60% off? I know I did.

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  • This is amazing!! very inspiring, and awesome!

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  • She's been through the journey so I'm sure she knows, but, she is a true heroine, she is absolutely just incredible for doing this. She has every right to be extremely proud of herself and this achievement. Extremely large respect to her dedication.

    AshrylAshrylPrije 24 dana
  • for me being active more easier than doing diet

    Nofianto NugrohoNofianto NugrohoPrije 25 dana
    • I find it difficult to lose weight because of food

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  • Good job u guys are inspirational

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  • What about her belly

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  • Me after watching this video: I think I"ll go grab some oreos

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  • She lost a good part of herself so congrats to her

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  • Jesus loves you so so much repent if you HAVENT Hes coming back so so soon

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  • Maybe she should focus on her face fat

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  • Do your math 20 Kg are 45.1 Pounds not 451 and 20 Kg in 90 days is great but nothing to make such a big thing But ok 👍🏼

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  • It's football not soccer man

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  • your makeing us to watch youtube and we will get fat then like WTF jk we are all not fat we are all pretty in are own ways like if yes!

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  • wtf she just ruined her curvy figure for some money ☹️☹️

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  • I Don't Hate Cardio Because It's In Most Exercises

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  • I've got 100kg can you please help me🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

  • Man if she knew how bad my bruises are as a soccer player ( really bad)

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  • Goed gedaan amber 👍👍👍👍

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  • It is really working ??💪

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  • She was beautiful though! But she still is. 💕

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  • People like to se full transformation, but she (no ofence) transformed from FAT to less fat. But I am impressed with her results.

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  • amazing transformation love her!

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  • My friend lost 40 kg in 2 months

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  • Is there anyway the workout plan , and the diet ? if it is , im really intrested ,and i bet others too ^^

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  • Your health is your wealth

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  • The good thing is she looks happier and that's good for her

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  • 04:46 69 nicee

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  • Hopefully you can continue helping her until she get to her goal and we will be here to watch it. Wish I had a brother like you

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  • My friends and family were so impressed by my transformation to become show ready last year (2019), but I find transformations like this to be much more impressive and inspiring! I hope she can maintain this incredible life transformation for the rest of her life!

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  • A ad just came up and the guy really said “stop do t exercise”

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  • road to *69* kilograms

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  • you have actually motivated me.. this is gonna be huge (pun intented) 😂 if i actually manage to stay motivated.. i have so much to lose and I will definitely mention you.. bcs I've been looking for inspiration but nothing happening 😂😂 until i saw your first steps.. move curtains, make your bed, clean your room... it actually triggered something 😂

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  • I want to see an update on you sister.

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  • Huge improvement!!!! keep up the GREAT workk!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!

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  • How old is she?

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  • Ight I have a question I heard that belly fat goes away last and usually arms and cheek fat goes first why did she lose more belly fat then face fat?

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  • I'm looking for motivation and ways to lose weight too. It's so hard but this helps a lot to get motivated! ❤

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  • I am 285lb. I know how hard it is to lose weight. This is a VERY strong and courageous woman. Thank you for being an inspiration!

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  • what i admire the most is the good brother

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  • *I HAVE BEEN DOING INTERMITTENT FASTING FOR THE PAST 2 YEARS I LOST 70 LBS. And now ppl dont even recognize me*

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  • Do a Q&A with your sister about her transformation!!!!

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  • This is correct way to lose weight and stay healthy. While many girls and women ignored it and thinks they can stay healthy and fit with a pill/powder. Well yeah they can get fit, IN COFFIN

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  • Such a cute brother ❤🥺

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  • The problem with these challenge and diets is that people stop after the goal or not even reach it. Instead of challenge or diets make it a lifestyle and it will last forever.

    Start ThinkingStart ThinkingPrije 2 mjeseci
  • I lost around 10kgs in 6 weeks with only home workout

  • I'm confused, some people say you have to rest a day after exercising but other people say it's ok working out everyday... Can someone explain that to me?

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