Incredible 90 Day Body Transformation | Back to Fit ´MOTIVATION´

7. Lis 2019.
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Incredible 90 Days Body Transformation | Back to Fit ´MOTIVATION´
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Incredible 90 Day Body Transformation | Back to Fit ´MOTIVATION´
After everything that happened, he lost motivation, injury, comeback, stopped working out for a year... HE IS NOW BACK (and let's hope forever haha).
A year without training. The past year he didn't do any real calisthenics workouts, gym workouts, weighted workout, nothing. He did do a few pullups and pushups a few times a week to keep in shape AND most importantly for his main sport: Badminton. (he plays at a really high level)
'This is just the start' says Arjen, a new beginning. He will keep you guys updated in the future, a 6 month body transformation, a 1 year body transformation, and more!
Today we see all his progress.

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  • Get ready for 10/10! Transformation month has started. Make sure to smash the liek and share, thank you for the insane support guys!

    BrowneyBrowneyPrije godine
    • @Marwan 19922 I wanna know, I wanna know🤭

      Md Aasif AliMd Aasif AliPrije godine
    • @U r a JoKe 👍👍👍 mujhe time hi milta after college

      Md Aasif AliMd Aasif AliPrije godine
    • @Md Aasif Ali Mai bhi gym nhi jata btw mai 18 ka hu😁.

      U r a JoKeU r a JoKePrije godine
    • Im 19 too & seriously he's a motivation 😊🙏 I don't go to gym & calisthenics is what I can afford to do ....btw 💕from india 🇮🇳

      Md Aasif AliMd Aasif AliPrije godine
    • Love from India👊💖💪

      U r a JoKeU r a JoKePrije godine
  • Why did he always wear blue t-shirt??

    Abhay Parmar short videosAbhay Parmar short videosPrije 12 dana
  • Look at himmmmm such a BEAST!!! Badminton 💙💙

    WolfWolfPrije 15 dana
  • whose hear to see where all the body transformation began

    azz 45azz 45Prije 20 dana
  • Arjen has my dream physique. It's the physique of a Calisthenics athlete

    Niyaf MukhtharNiyaf MukhtharPrije mjesec
  • What music did you use

    Niyaf MukhtharNiyaf MukhtharPrije mjesec
  • In the thumbnail, he sort of looks better in the picture on the left.

    Cricket And FitnessCricket And FitnessPrije mjesec
  • 5:30 awesome you got some veins going on your biceps u got them abs gj

    FulltimeNoobFulltimeNoobPrije 2 mjeseci
  • And now he is even stronger than browney

    Girish KumarGirish KumarPrije 3 mjeseci
  • what height is arjen?

    Furqan FareedFurqan FareedPrije 3 mjeseci
  • That title is kinda misleading. He was already extremely fit compared to an average human.

    PaolohPaolohPrije 4 mjeseci
  • 🎽 💙 💪🏼 guy in the blue shirt!!

    Holly NicoleHolly NicolePrije 4 mjeseci
  • Idk why but he looks so much like Theo from teen wolf

    UnorthodoxUnorthodoxPrije 5 mjeseci
  • how tall is he guys ?

    MilhaneMilhanePrije 6 mjeseci
  • I don't know why, but he looks for me A little bit like young Chris Evans

    KraukerKraukerPrije 6 mjeseci
  • I am also on a fitness journey. It makes me less stressed to know I am taking care of my body. I am on day 5 and managed to do 3 clap press ups in a row when before I could only do 1. And I hadn’t done any clip press-ups in my training. Because I am only 15 (p.s I am a girl),I like to do body weight exercise and am already seeing results. I really encourage you to just keep on going. Yes you will feel tired after workouts but it energises you in the long run. Just go for it! Why not start now?

    Be HappyBe HappyPrije 7 mjeseci
  • Anyone even slightly thinking that they faked this one as well

    Benjamin ChinneckBenjamin ChinneckPrije 11 mjeseci
  • His beginning is my dream

    JupiterJupiterPrije 11 mjeseci
  • Your Day one better than my Day 20 !!!

    Jeffrey_ ChawJeffrey_ ChawPrije 11 mjeseci
  • Brazil,guys!!

    Victor JoséVictor JoséPrije 11 mjeseci
  • In the first day he can do muscle ups, bruh

    aspect bhopaspect bhopPrije 11 mjeseci
  • He already had such a good physique even when not working out

    Sarthak YadavSarthak YadavPrije godine
    • Stg #awesome If you pay close attention he says that he practices a sport. Obviously you haven’t read the description either...

      MsPitufo2012MsPitufo2012Prije 11 mjeseci
  • this video is cool and all but i think that you should've made it longer. you just showed his performance from day 1, day 60 and day 90.

    PhreeplePhreeplePrije godine
  • Is this 90 days of workout days, or 90 days with counting the days you didn't work out (like you said, only 3 days a week)?

    Juan CarboneJuan CarbonePrije godine
    • guess its 90 days counting days he didnt workout but good question

      aztuceaztucePrije godine
  • in love with the editing style

    melisa nandymelisa nandyPrije godine
  • whats his height bro ?

    Tanish AroraTanish AroraPrije godine
  • We want more videos with Arjen

    No ZdrveNo ZdrvePrije godine
  • Who else came for *The guy in the blue shirt*

    BadassBobYBadassBobYPrije godine
  • Lol l dont see a different in the thumbnail

    KidouKenshi22KidouKenshi22Prije godine

    dead insidedead insidePrije godine
  • 4:10 training to do it with his girlfriend

    Lonelygurl69Lonelygurl69Prije godine
  • Fake

    Nova Magic HDNova Magic HDPrije godine
  • He could've been way more muscular if he did weighted calisthenics with split routines and a good diet tbh!

    TripakTripakPrije godine
  • Mi transformación en 1 semana

    Brian Soria soriaBrian Soria soriaPrije godine
  • Happy Socks!!!! 04:20

    Nori 123Nori 123Prije godine
  • If I looked like day one I'd be happy

    Luca EstupiñanLuca EstupiñanPrije godine
  • Get those delicious gains!- CEE FITNEESS

  • He looks more like Captain America.

  • day 1 and muscle ups......

    Avii NuoAvii NuoPrije godine
  • I really needed this . I broke my arm recently and gained a lot of weight because it’s not the same anymore. Lost all my motivation before watching this

    PullinNoGirlsPullinNoGirlsPrije godine
  • its exactly the kind of physic i want

    anmol chaudharyanmol chaudharyPrije godine
  • A scale that tells you BMI just by standing on it? LOL! No.

    Bryan FBryan FPrije godine
  • Happy Birthday Browney!!!

  • Mooie video weer jongens! welke oefeningen hebben jullie allemaal gedaan voor chest, het ziet er super strak uit

    CasperCasperPrije godine
  • mah clickbait. You were fine at the first day, just unflexed and relaxed body. No transformation here.

    sentenceDsentenceDPrije godine
    • Hater

      Marko StojanovMarko StojanovPrije godine
  • I have Neuropathy

    Cody DerbyshireCody DerbyshirePrije godine
  • Bruh this such bs he could literally do a muscle up on the first day

    ShankzShankzPrije godine
    • Matien Azemy no he was all ready in great shape to begin with😂.he literally plays sports 5 days a week

      Elites WildElites WildPrije godine
    • Shankz muscle memory

      Matien AzemyMatien AzemyPrije godine
  • He didn't really grow much in size but I guess that's why it's back to fit...not bulk...probably way more stamina...could probably run a good 30 min on the treadmill at 13km/h

    Ozayr MansoorOzayr MansoorPrije godine
  • Did Arjen eat in a caloric surplus or deficit?

    Matien AzemyMatien AzemyPrije godine
  • Two words: holy shit!

    Matien AzemyMatien AzemyPrije godine
  • Holy ur genetic awesome

    Zyzz's AngelZyzz's AngelPrije godine
  • It ain't much, but it's honest work.

    Respiratory FailureRespiratory FailurePrije godine
  • Assuming that he already got his newbie gains, that small amount of progress is already big. Trust me, it's hard to gain more muscle after the newb gains period.

    Respiratory FailureRespiratory FailurePrije godine
    • If u have been training more than 2 years, i think difficult to get gain more than 1kg muscle/ month

      Muhamad Ichsan AlkahfiMuhamad Ichsan AlkahfiPrije godine
    • @Riley Redli don't worry, newbie gains take more than a year to stop working.

      Respiratory FailureRespiratory FailurePrije godine
    • Man I don’t know if I’m gaining a lot with my newbie gains. I been working out this is my 6th week in(5 days a week). Ik I’m gaining but I feel like I could gain more. It’s frustrating

      Riley RedliRiley RedliPrije godine
  • Check out my transformation🙏 Is about beating spine disease🙏🌍

    David ZemkoDavid ZemkoPrije godine
  • how old are you?

    Lontong OporLontong OporPrije godine
  • No gym no problem 😆

    Loyal • PandaLoyal • PandaPrije godine
  • The edits oufff 🔥

    Gael.CGael.CPrije godine
  • Back to fit? HE ALREADY WAS INSANELY FIT! Is that just average fitness in the Netherlands?

    Smoothily heheSmoothily hehePrije godine
    • This is way above average fitness in the Netherlands. Few people ever get to the level of fitness that this guy started with.

      PaolohPaolohPrije 4 mjeseci
  • What did he do for chest?

    Nathan RitterNathan RitterPrije godine
  • nice work bro

    Shiv ModiaShiv ModiaPrije godine
  • Love it+

    OverRideOverRidePrije godine
  • Hello chris evans

    ThesuckerpunchThesuckerpunchPrije godine

    The real JesusThe real JesusPrije godine
  • Nice job Arjen! It was nice to meet you at my school today :D

    RaytjeKnRaytjeKnPrije godine
  • Even without working out a year his physique looks better than mine

    EGEEGEPrije godine
  • i have 1 question man ,how did Arjen trained for one arm pull up ? with band or negative ?

    S4NDU3S4NDU3Prije godine
  • Why is the scale in $ and why do you need to pay import duties and other stuff? Just curious

    Ruben van der GeestRuben van der GeestPrije godine
  • Wow that's realy good you gotta rember he already had some good mucel gains tho

    Jim SJim SPrije godine
  • He looks great and this video might get me outta bed and do some stuff

    MTMTPrije godine
  • 1Like = 1 push up

    Pim van de FliertPim van de FliertPrije godine
  • Well done bro that's a very good progression ;) What's the music in the video please ?

    SkysoxSkysoxPrije godine
  • epic shit , he looks great

    photomortiphotomortiPrije godine
  • Mon pote super physique mais c’est le même au jour 1 et 90

    Valentin PignarreValentin PignarrePrije godine
  • I don’t even come close to his before fuck

    Legend KatipamaikukuLegend KatipamaikukuPrije godine
  • Hey browney can you do a video on how to progress since i keep doing my pushups, pullups chinups and the thing is that i can add reps or sets but i dont feel like that makes difference on my body

    Gido SpanjersGido SpanjersPrije godine
  • Technically the reason why he gained so much muscle is because he worked out before, and muscle memory is a proven concept. Still, great video.

    Alexey YavlyukhinAlexey YavlyukhinPrije godine
  • Nothing happens. He just flex

    gene andie maañogene andie maañoPrije godine
  • going back to fit -first day does a muscle up excuse me wtf

    The hated onesThe hated onesPrije godine

      Kenneth PeraltaKenneth PeraltaPrije 3 mjeseci
    • @André Pegoraro Neto but you need to do 10/20 pull ups and 10 dips ro be able to do a muscle up correctly

    • MsPitufo2012 yeah i know and i don’t deny that muscle up is about technique.

      The hated onesThe hated onesPrije 11 mjeseci
    • basic raccoon Exactly, he was previously in shape, period in which he learnt the muscle up technique, so you’re just supporting the previous reply.

      MsPitufo2012MsPitufo2012Prije 11 mjeseci
    • André Pegoraro Neto yeah but the title implies that he is not in shape but previously was.

      The hated onesThe hated onesPrije godine
  • The next captain america

    Muhamad SufiMuhamad SufiPrije godine
  • What’s the workout routine

    哈哈哈哈哈哈Prije godine
  • I have seen it 12 timwa

    giannis_liounisgiannis_liounisPrije godine
    • times*

      giannis_liounisgiannis_liounisPrije godine
  • do an other one 😋😋

    giannis_liounisgiannis_liounisPrije godine
  • So he was out of shape on day 1? 😅

    Giac BejoGiac BejoPrije godine
  • How can I train my biceps without any equipment?

    MarcusMarcusPrije godine
  • I weigh 80kg and Im way skinnier than him lol. maybe cuz I'm 190cm

    Elias RödinElias RödinPrije godine
  • Was he in a calorie deficit or surplus?

    Adel S.Adel S.Prije godine
  • Huuuuugeeee

    NarczoNarczoPrije godine
  • I am also on my transformation journey

    Arpit SrivastavaArpit SrivastavaPrije godine
  • 1 like = 1 push-up

    RitlegendsRitlegendsPrije godine
  • Incredible progress ! Well done guy in blue shirt!!

  • Missing:-I love you back😢

    carrykmemescarrykmemesPrije godine
  • 90 days and no t-shirt change nice xD

    ankit raiankit raiPrije godine
    • No t-shirt change forever

      Marc Francis TeodoroMarc Francis TeodoroPrije 29 dana
  • Great job Arjen!! Wow major transformation dude!

    James PalmerJames PalmerPrije godine
  • Arjen robben lol

    josephsmth646josephsmth646Prije godine
  • Sana oil

    Jose Antonio JauodJose Antonio JauodPrije godine
  • Why did you upload this video Saturday

    Jos4_ TvJos4_ TvPrije godine
  • Btw, what did you eat and how much when you were starting out?

    Luis NorquistLuis NorquistPrije godine
  • Today is my rest day. But damn. Im going to workout later.. Tnx for the motivation!

    Wafu NationWafu NationPrije godine
    • Damn i wish i had motivation, i quite seriously did my knee in a month ago and my fitness has dropped dramatically, barely hit 20 pushups now whereas before it was easily above 40

      Dan JacksonDan JacksonPrije godine
  • 69

    Cjpanduh ʕ•̫͡•ʕ•̫͡•ʔCjpanduh ʕ•̫͡•ʕ•̫͡•ʔPrije godine
  • His muscle memory is really good. He still had the right form when he started and got back into shape really quickly, well done!

    SnawinsçkiSnawinsçkiPrije godine
    • Snavid Once you learn good form there’s no reason to forget it lmao

      MsPitufo2012MsPitufo2012Prije 11 mjeseci