I did cardio everyday for 30 days and this is what happened

21. Lis 2019.
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I did cardio everyday for a month on THIS machine, this is what happened
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I did cardio workouts for 30 days on THIS machine, this is what happened
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    • Can you put a link for the air bike thanks

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    • Big up browney

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  • What’s your age 🙄

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  • I need a trainer

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  • Browney . Does cardio help build muscle and gain weight or just lose fat

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  • OMG. Get to the point!

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  • This machine.

    Raimon GonzalesRaimon GonzalesPrije 11 mjeseci
  • I looked just like you when i was 20 thats crazy shit . Im 40 now still look good today.

    Mid evilMid evilPrije 11 mjeseci
  • Song name??

    Kamran XəlilzadəKamran XəlilzadəPrije godine
  • Wow, you did turn your place into a home gym. I'm gonna make a decent home gym and try your workout, man!! Thanks for motivation!!

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  • My dude got thick XD

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  • Make your own video ideas dude!!! Copycat not only wit the idea but also the thumbnail!

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    • This video is completely my own idea?

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  • When u realise that this person send u a massage on Twitter to share his channel at 2014. Gz to all these subs

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  • Does mosquito bites effect muscle gain?

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    • Yh

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  • Your fore arms are bigger than my future

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  • That intro is on another level bro.

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  • How to get 11 abs for girls

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  • "I do recommend you buy everything I sell" this kid😂

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  • hi bro it was great , i m also doing transformation i have one question bro what's the name of that weight machine whihc you have in the transformation video you did 1 week ago showing whole weight and muscle and fat weight as well ?? Please replay thanks

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  • For every like I will do 1 pushup

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  • Great editing!

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  • I’ve been working out for a while and put on a lot of muscle(and because I’m a beginner i also lost a decent amount of fat)you motivated me to start doing a 90 day shredding transformation for my next holiday in december

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  • Bruh do skipping it’s prob way better

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    • Definitely not better, but definitely a lot cheaper haha.

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  • Meow

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  • 這台減肥跑步機好酷!😎

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  • @browney I would like to ask you some questions, please answer it : 1.How many push up you can do in 1 minute without stop but you can rest 2.How many pull up you can do in 1 time go, without rest 3.How mant sit ups you can do in 1 minute, you can rest Please answer it or can you make video and can you make video tutorial how to increase your reps at doing the exercise Please i really need it Peace NB : sorry for bad english, hope you can understand

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    • @browney 😂 I know right

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    • Will maybe do this, I do have one question for you then. Why do you need this? 😂

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  • another good form of cardio instead of the bike is jump roping. it works out pretty much the same parts and you can burn 1000 calories in an hour. it only costs like $20 and you can learn new tricks which always keeps it fun.

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    • Good one!

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  • sup boi id love to put captions in portuguese in your videos. could you make that allowed? thx

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  • Hyhdhdwywwehzb Love you man ,😍😍

  • Why don't you become a personal trainer? You could film the process and the persons progress for motivational purposes.

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    • He needs lisons then be 21 to get a job like that

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    • That's a pretty good idea

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  • Epic quality

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  • Epic

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  • You got some awesome results. Congrats on your new product launch too!

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  • What company makes the airbike?

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  • I don't know if you mentioned it. But what was your average calorie intake a day? Btw great video as always looking forward to when you reach one million!!

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  • Hou van deze video’s 💯

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  • You inspired me I now almost have a 6 pack and I do Cardio everyday thank you!

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    • @Nawal Odho damn I'm a xenophobe because I dislike a genre of music? Ok.

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    • @Goose wow look another xenophobic hater who has nothing better to do in their life but hate on others unnecessarily

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    • Amazing Goose 😂😂 so much k-pop haters lool, look at my picture then you’ll know who’s the best 😉😁

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    • Let's eliminate K-Pop

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    • I have my opinion in what I like it inspires me so please stop.

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  • Cool video 👊🔥

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  • Ghellow

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  • they use this in crossfit

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  • good content

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  • 3.986

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  • how much colories did u burn every morning doing both the machines

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    • Itai Kizner he said around 400-500

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  • 2bad it makes so much goddamn noise , i live in a flat so my neighbours would get mad hahaha

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    • Yup it makes quite a lot of noise unfortunately

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  • Brooo nice transformation

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  • What happens next now are you going to start a bulk or what??

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  • This is how much calories Browney burned with this machine 👇

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    • @Kabito0o lass mich kurz überlegen........ Äh, nein

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    • komm privatchat

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    • @Seza 46 😂😉

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    • 28 ?

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    • @Saitama Was wenn nicht?

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  • Can I ask you which body type are you? Bcs When i saw yours first video (1 year transfomstion) i thought that you are hardgainer, but rn i dont think so because of your body xd please answer

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    • There's not such thing as body types

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  • *BUY THIS* *NO*

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  • MY SIX PACK WILL COME SOON !!! thanks ahah

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  • Wat and actual beast I’ll make sure to smash liek

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  • That thing is sick dude

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  • Hello browney, how can i get your drink your water bottle

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  • I use the bike everyone should get it

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  • How can a guy make such a sick video about a cardio Machine?😂 👇Smash the LIKE button to let Browney know he is doing a great job!🙏😂

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    • @Math PL well I guess thank you?😂✌💪🔥

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    • stealing other peoples ethos like a baws

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  • What does the airbike cost?

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    • Tricky Games 1000€

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  • This i how many pullups browney has done in his entire life 👇 Edit: wow thx guys 83 likes nice :D Edit 2: wow i went to school and boom 125 thx so much😘

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    • Amirun Hafiz 125 you mean😂

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    • hundred liek yeah

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    • Browney thx bro thats one more pullup for you😂

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    • Κανείς Κανένας true story

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    • He has done like 100,000 pull ups . I don't think that you will get so many likes .

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  • Notification squad. Awesome video i really enjoyed it Also the Editing was so enjoyable to watch. Keep it up 🙂

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  • #notificatonsquad🔥

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  • the best XD

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  • I call it airbike what do you guys call it?

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  • I was just about to try this out lol, thanks for the extra motivation 🦸‍♂️

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  • What if i cant do 1 pull up

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  • I am sick and had to stay home from school but this made my day

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  • Love your vida, smash liek

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  • nice video saw it all

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  • Respect the grind ✊

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