HOW TO: Body Transformation | Beginner Workout | Diet | Full Guide

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HOW TO: Body Transformation | Beginner Workout | Diet | Full Guide
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0:11 Let's start.
0:21 Are you ready to start working out? (age)
0:31 Cheesy qoute
0:39 My body transformation -
1:10 Why do you want to start?
1:44 What type of training are you going for? Calisthenics or gym weights/lifting weights?
2:35 Your first step. Going to gym? Start at home?
2:53 Beginner Workout + tips
4:24 Extra workout tips
4:59 What equipment should you get? + Discounts
5:20 What should you eat?
6:43 Examples
7:40 The perfect lifestyle approach
7:55 Extra tips to get you started
9:10 Motivation
9:25 A special workout program for you made by me. its cheap.

My 3 Year Body Transformation! 15-18 (MOTIVATION!)
Christian Nielsen Body transformation:
"My 4 Months Body Transformation - Calisthenics Only! | 2018"

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HOW TO: Body Transformation | Beginner Workout | Diet | Full Guide
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    • Start with easier versions of the exercises start with knee pushups and go up from there and for pull ups use a lifted object that you can lean on with good support (doorway) once you get good at this start to work on normal pull ups I hope this helps

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    • @lost in 2 worlds add some weight make it harder then do as much as you can in one set, do it three time with 1.5 min rest in between every set

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    • @Jesha I can do about 50 pushups in 1 go but I doubt I could do 3 sets of them

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