fit to fat to fit all over again... (Honest Physique Update)

5. Kol 2019.
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fit to fat to fit all over again... (Honest Physique Update)
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One Day Or Day One, You Decide - MOTIVATION
fit to fat to fit all over again... (Honest Physique Update)
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    BrowneyBrowneyPrije godine
    • man i got fat too like u to lets start again and work hard

      minato 34minato 34Prije godine
    • Please tell me you put that Monster can in the recycling after filming & not in with the general waste? and yes the purple one is the best 🔥

      Pecs andabsPecs andabsPrije godine
  • I envy you for being able to open your eyes underwater 😔

    Theo McDonaldTheo McDonaldPrije 4 mjeseci
  • You have a pool?

    Saar BaranesSaar BaranesPrije 6 mjeseci
  • Can anyone explain he suddenly changed the swim shorts from blue to red????

    Shay AmosShay AmosPrije 9 mjeseci
  • 3:30 this more likely looks like all the leftovers of the m&m’s and Oreos you dumped in a bowl of yoghurt.

    iTs JasPeRiTs JasPeRPrije godine
  • Mate u are in Holland and I am in Germany , recently Certified Ace Pt ur content is good , can u help me like I am a rower and model but don’t no where to start , I would like to start my own fitness app what are your preferences

    stephan beinsstephan beinsPrije godine
  • Which one knows music deliriou? 00:30

    manalmanalPrije godine
  • 2:20 OH MY FRICKING GOD :)))

    Tùng LinhTùng LinhPrije godine
  • Nice editing!

    ya boiya boiPrije godine
  • Where you in the sidemen tower ??

    Danny WardDanny WardPrije godine
    • It’s the same tower that one of the sidemen lives in yeah

      BrowneyBrowneyPrije godine
  • Did you for real cheat on your girlfriend

    It's KekeIt's KekePrije godine
  • Lekker bezig

    Lun PowerrLun PowerrPrije godine
  • Put a shirt on

    The JayProject / JinxThe JayProject / JinxPrije godine
  • wow this dude is looking..

    Johnny PriceJohnny PricePrije godine
  • Browney: I have a bad physique Me: I wish I had your so called bad physique

    KillSwtich_1028KillSwtich_1028Prije godine
  • Pause at 2:20

    Danyal HussainDanyal HussainPrije godine
  • Guys, you wanna pause at 2:20 believe me :D

    Abuyin ibn Djadir ibn Omar KalidAbuyin ibn Djadir ibn Omar KalidPrije godine
  • Your accent is so cute

    chazchazPrije godine
  • ”Apek”😆😆

    Lion NationLion NationPrije godine
  • Nederland 🔥🔥

    ProdbydylanluingeProdbydylanluingePrije godine
  • "fat" im 108 kg

    IDK BBXIDK BBXPrije godine
  • bruh we have the same body type wtf.

    oldpalvinnyoldpalvinnyPrije godine
  • Relaxed and flexed

    Kova 135Kova 135Prije godine

    paul oficialpaul oficialPrije godine
  • Oof in a few days ill to 5o London

    bearunlimitedbearunlimitedPrije godine
  • ben jij een nederlander??

    maffia baasmaffia baasPrije godine
  • Ffs can I block your channel off??I'm not even subbed.Every video you making is the same 5 "fit to fat to fit"videos,how to start calisthenics,what to eat and you just recycle every video your physique isnt even that insane not that mines better but I have only been working out for a year.And your girl is fat and cant talk

    Certified SickkntCertified SickkntPrije godine
  • U should consistently play sports if u want to stay fit

    Josua Hamish VeveJosua Hamish VevePrije godine
  • Shutup

    Conor TomsConor TomsPrije godine
  • More vlogs with Arjen and more workouts with your girlfriend !! Loving the vids

    ChowiChowiPrije godine
  • Le ' king of calisthenics

    BL4NK BL4NKBL4NK BL4NKPrije godine
  • I’m back ladies and gentlemen, let’s see this masterpiece

    Snack DaddySnack DaddyPrije godine
  • Song name: Hallman Every Battle Thank me later ;)

    TREXTERTREXTERPrije godine
  • It's mad to see how far you've come, I still remember the days of EpicStan

    Ollie EvansOllie EvansPrije godine
    • @Browney i never did finish that intro did i 😂😂

      Ollie EvansOllie EvansPrije godine
    • I still remember your profile picture 😉

      BrowneyBrowneyPrije godine
  • Waar heb je de weegschaal gehaald?

    CasperCasperPrije godine
  • I finally decided to go for Day one...: Weigh in at 65,1 Kg. My goal is to go under 60 Kg. I plan to do it with a flexible diet, focusing on healthy food and portion control. I aim for working out two times a week. Also always take the stairs and in general walk and move more.

    Kiki ChickenKiki ChickenPrije godine
    • I already was under 60 kg an I was feeling and looking great. But I got there because I followed a strickt diet that was not sustainable. I will try again but with a lifestyle change not just a diet

      Kiki ChickenKiki ChickenPrije godine
    • Normal I would say. I an at 1,68 m

      Kiki ChickenKiki ChickenPrije godine
    • oke yeah i get it but you aren't a long person then i think

      Jelte FolkertsmaJelte FolkertsmaPrije godine
    • Cause my bodyfat is at 30% Thats why. I don‘t feel and look quite healthy

      Kiki ChickenKiki ChickenPrije godine
    • 65 kilo is stil light so why would u lose weight

      Jelte FolkertsmaJelte FolkertsmaPrije godine
  • Browny how can I push ups? I want to be able to push up but I still can’t.... do you have any tips or tutorials? Thank you

    Mcpe Bawono12Mcpe Bawono12Prije godine
  • Where can I get that weight scale bro ?

    Collided UndividedCollided UndividedPrije godine
  • You should grow your beard out

    znakznakPrije godine
  • Nice man, honest man and still strong man

    Nicolai CrabtreeNicolai CrabtreePrije godine
  • Dude the transtion st 3:18 is insanly good

    Melker SjögrenMelker SjögrenPrije godine
    • De är fan sant

      Anton LindblomAnton LindblomPrije godine
  • Can you see a lot of veins on your body when your that low of body fat

    SWAYD 3SWAYD 3Prije godine
  • yo Browney where can I find that scale

    NayberNayberPrije godine
  • You have quite a big channel and a lot of potential. But I feel like all your videos are the same, you’ve been doing this for to fat to fit thing for way to long, and I don’t t think I’m the only one that has started to think it’s getting quite boring. You just need to switch up your content a little bit my guy.

    GabbzeGabbzePrije godine
    • I switched it up a lot, like a lot. But those videos didn’t perform well (and since you are commenting this you haven’t seen those like a lot of others). This video is again my best performing video of the past 10 videos. + this video is still completely different than the previous episodes. If a video has a similar title it doesn’t mean the content is the same.

      BrowneyBrowneyPrije godine
  • In the beginning of the video "It's not going to well with my physic" WTF!

    Peter RasmussenPeter RasmussenPrije godine
  • How tall is browney?

    Anuj SharmaAnuj SharmaPrije godine
  • Which weight scale do you use to see your fatpercentage?

    Youp DohmenYoup DohmenPrije godine
  • What is the scale's name?

    Shai RosenthalShai RosenthalPrije godine
  • Target your shoulder more and do fasting at least twice a day.

    Jose Antonio JauodJose Antonio JauodPrije godine
  • How much are u gonna milk this fit to fat type shit

    jeo calaghanjeo calaghanPrije godine
  • Can anybody tell me the scale he used

    money tyreacemoney tyreacePrije godine
  • He called the oven a microwave !! 🤔🤔

    Shuja.Shuja.Prije godine
  • You should stop complaining about your physique. You just destroy your own self confidence.

    Nasseri SamirNasseri SamirPrije godine
  • Do u take creatine?

    Calisthenics & FitnessCalisthenics & FitnessPrije godine
  • Just a quick question how tall are u man? :))

    Atom GillAtom GillPrije godine
  • Smash the water... Liek the smash... I love you back!

    Addy CasilAddy CasilPrije godine
  • You should update you're channel description :D

    B#NB#NPrije godine
  • Mr stark.... I don't feel good...

    black jack1171black jack1171Prije godine
  • here you go boiiis, 2:20 3:05 0.25 speed

    Vasilen VelikovVasilen VelikovPrije godine
    • why tho?

      LimitlessLimitlessPrije godine
  • what do you mean, you have a good physique, we can see the gyno man :D, your off a little bit with training prob, but it's fine

    Vasilen VelikovVasilen VelikovPrije godine
  • Wat is your height bro???

    GS EXAMGS EXAMPrije godine
  • ur gf dropped of school too ?

    JineXJineXPrije godine
  • Stan, how long can you hold straddle planche for? Btw smash that liek!

    Konsta KoivukangasKonsta KoivukangasPrije godine
  • Microwave? That's a microwave? Dude it looks like a tiny oven and I was like wtf this guy doing 🤣🤣🤣

    Carlos Caparrós LledóCarlos Caparrós LledóPrije godine
    • It’s both

      BrowneyBrowneyPrije godine
  • do you sleep with your GF in the same room

    Luqe MaxLuqe MaxPrije godine
    • Max Million Why tf do you need to know that?

      LimitlessLimitlessPrije godine
  • Remember to always drink ya water m8

    LoyalKarmaLoyalKarmaPrije godine
  • What pull up bar do you use can u link it in the next video cause I want a good quality one and urs looks like a good one

    Intellectgamers YTIntellectgamers YTPrije godine
  • Physique is looking solid man 🙌🏼 looking forward to seeing the next update in a few weeks 💪🏼

    Ethan CloughEthan CloughPrije godine
  • Nice physics 👌 and i think make sure to follow you on Instagram 😉

    Dartclyde AguilarDartclyde AguilarPrije godine
  • Your girl has good ab genetics 🤭

    Charles SagunCharles SagunPrije godine
  • We love U back !

    IceCremeIceCremePrije godine
  • 5:48 Cat: just finish my 100pushups

    VeDuDuVeDuDuPrije godine
  • Your edits have become so clean especially the cuts

    Jacob FishJacob FishPrije godine
  • I need your help, how can I build more muscle because I've been working out for quite sometime and I'm not seeing much results. Also how much times should I workout a week? *I only use dumbbells*

    Aviator TrinityAviator TrinityPrije godine
    • Day

      Linus NilssonLinus NilssonPrije godine
    • And drink gainer twice a dau

      Linus NilssonLinus NilssonPrije godine
    • Go workout like 5 and max 6 its not good to overtraning your muscels need to rest. Are you skinny and have problem to gain weight eat like pasta and thing with much carbs

      Linus NilssonLinus NilssonPrije godine
  • I think it’s okay to let loose every once in a while. I’m pretty fit but it doesn’t bother me when I build a little bit of fat once in a while, as long as you are healthy about it. It’s always good to try and recover though.

    Candy CaneCandy CanePrije godine
  • What brand is the scale?

    RandomRandomPrije godine
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    ArdaOnalArdaOnalPrije godine
  • You're an amazing athlete buddy! You're always very impressive!!!

    pmikeymikepmikeymikePrije godine
  • I bet the 10 dislikes were miss clicks.

    PatrickPatrickPrije godine
  • See? I told you you were chubby..

    Edoardo VolpiEdoardo VolpiPrije godine
    • @Browney you should rise your own standards. I don't know if is water retention or what but you could be a lot leaner. You're a really strong athlete I don't understand why you are not as lean as many others

      Edoardo VolpiEdoardo VolpiPrije godine
    • Chubby? Are you ok? I am still close to looking the best ever.

      BrowneyBrowneyPrije godine
  • Welke weegschaal gebruik je?

    J GrootJ GrootPrije godine
  • Wat is je sport schema als ik vragen mag??? Kijk niet naar m’n naam is van aantal jaren geleden

    Floris_1108Floris_1108Prije godine
  • 2:20 - dont like the comment for this.

    I am Your ExI am Your ExPrije godine
  • Obama is back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Itzel MartinezItzel MartinezPrije godine
  • 4.2kg of bones? Duude! That's the sign that you're not a human 😂 love your videos. it gives me some motivation to start. Like you said: one day or day one 👍

    MARINAMARINAPrije godine
  • Can someone plz do a drink your water compilation?

    Idrisito GSIdrisito GSPrije godine
  • How do you join the squat

    Matias LarsenMatias LarsenPrije godine
  • Is that, a black pendant??? Plz drop 🙏

    Harry LiuHarry LiuPrije godine
  • The hell dude you are looking fucking shredded, alot of progress!!!! Insane dude. Keep it going man.

    Goos DondersGoos DondersPrije godine
    • Thanks! 💪🔥

      BrowneyBrowneyPrije godine
  • Another challenge idea: 1000 Push ups in 1 hour It goes viral in germany right now

    DraxDraxPrije godine
    • @Browney HELL YEAH, Hyped for that one for sure! Keep up the great quality and thanks for all the motivation!

      DraxDraxPrije godine
    • Online this week 👀

      BrowneyBrowneyPrije godine
  • 2:18 , Thank me later

    haarkeehaarkeePrije godine
  • Ur clip with ur gf swimming with her lit.... Ikr ur finish gOal was different. Jk aside u both are lit and nice. Both are cutest couple 😍❤️ Ur videos are lit 🔥 pls keep making it. No.1 vlogger 😍

    SuperVeerSuperVeerPrije godine
    • SuperVeer not as good. 2:20 is the best.

      steelavocadosteelavocadoPrije godine
    • 3:05*

      SuperVeerSuperVeerPrije godine
    • 2:20

      steelavocadosteelavocadoPrije godine
  • It's the 1000 pushup challenge in 1 hour right?

    ConstiConstiPrije godine
  • 2:20 I think that clip shouldnt be there xd, great video btw

    Weeday aaWeeday aaPrije godine
    • @Joseph Ramirez thank u

      chazchazPrije godine
    • @João Pedro gay

      jaji bogejaji bogePrije godine
    • @Joseph Ramirez ikr

      FakeDarnyFakeDarnyPrije godine
    • Grow up children...🤦‍♂️

      Joseph RamirezJoseph RamirezPrije godine
    • @João Pedro the shot was a bit, uhmm what should I say.. caught from a weird angle?

      arnewessel_arnewessel_Prije godine
  • Actual beast! Edits are insane 💪 as always!

    FSVBFSVBPrije godine
  • Which song was used in the video?

    Jonas RichterJonas RichterPrije godine
    • Даниел Методиев Thanks man

      Jonas RichterJonas RichterPrije godine
    • hallman-every battle

      Daniel MetodievDaniel MetodievPrije godine
  • Keep up the good work love the edit and post work you do.

    James PalmerJames PalmerPrije godine
  • Fit to fat to fit to fat to fit tofittofattofittofatfatofito.

    HussamHussamPrije godine
  • How tall are you?

    benjaminbenjaminPrije godine
  • Good video. But arent thay all?

    Rasmus BothRasmus BothPrije godine