Day In The Life Of My Sister - $500 Body Transformation Challenge

17. Vel 2020.
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A Day In Her Life - $500 Body Transformation Challenge
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The workout program she uses right now is The Bodyweight Master, a program I created and that you can get online a well! Her diet is The Browney Diet with some other recipes that we will add to the diet soon. Her cardio routine is the Six Pack secrets course!
you can get all of these online, and even better, you can join this challenge too!
Get any of my workout programs, take a before picture like this, write down Day 1 (or one day) on it and in the other hand if possible show my channel and the latest video.
Work on it for 90 days, make an after picture and send it to me:
If you add the Browney diet and or six pack secrets course, you will have more chance of winning!
I have another workout program as well that you can check out, this program is great if you want to focus on calisthenics, calisthenics skills and weighted calisthenics.
See you there!
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A Day In Her Life - $500 Body Transformatio Challenge
$500 Body Transformation Challenge - Fat to Fit
$500 Body Transformation Challenge - 30 DAY RESULTS
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  • Thank you for the support on the series! go smash dat liek and share 💪 The workout program she uses: MyProtein links and more with discounts in the description! 🔥

    BrowneyBrowneyPrije 9 mjeseci
    • Goed bezig! Respect!

      Ruben LieRuben LiePrije 9 mjeseci
    • horst peter yeah that would be interesting

      Albin AlvängAlbin AlvängPrije 9 mjeseci
    • Cooking healthy food with your sis

      horst peterhorst peterPrije 9 mjeseci
  • The cat being like go girl

    Michael DzyubaMichael DzyubaPrije 25 dana

    mYsELfmYsELfPrije mjesec
  • I am socking with her transforming 👏👏

    Salina NaisaghartiSalina NaisaghartiPrije mjesec
  • Mirco - Tasks? : 1:22

    Jon StevensJon StevensPrije 3 mjeseci
  • wajoow dus jullie zijn gwn nederlands ik kijk dit nu en ik wist dit echt niet !

    Momo AgagMomo AgagPrije 4 mjeseci
  • gj

  • Interested to know how you were able to get rid of those last few stubborn pounds. Loving this content especially during these quarantine times. It's really helping with motivation.

    Premium PearPremium PearPrije 6 mjeseci
  • I hate eating breakfast too and I skip it because I’m not hungry but I should incorporate it so I do have something to burn throughout the day

    StephStephPrije 6 mjeseci
  • Your sister is so sweet. Her videos have been so motivating for me. Hopefully I can achieve my 90 days goal just like she did

    Harshita PHarshita PPrije 6 mjeseci
  • Do try 10 garlic cloves boiled in water daily...the fat loss is amazing... It doesn't do much with the weight reduction. But it helps get in shape... Reducing thigh, stomach, face etc... Everywhere there's fat accumulation.....

    Rise & shineRise & shinePrije 6 mjeseci
  • You can do it 💪👏

    Kennya NuñezKennya NuñezPrije 6 mjeseci
  • on 6:54 i knew she was dutch kaasss😂

    Ninq HwhNinq HwhPrije 6 mjeseci
  • you could've made her divide the time in half if you told her to eat plant-based, no eggs, no meat, no cow/goat milk (she drank plant-based which is great and extremely healthy) --> no cholesterol --> no heart disease --> no cancer --> no bullshit --> no nothing. Get healthy, Go Vegan (Plant-based protein LET'S GO)

    Peter BaradeiPeter BaradeiPrije 6 mjeseci
  • Can we get more of her videos on her detailed workout plan and diet? Loving these videos.

    Tracy QuickTracy QuickPrije 6 mjeseci
  • Catching up on your videos. Super hype, she has great progress. Makes me super happy to see how supportive you are. #BrowneyGangGang

    xFusselmanxxFusselmanxPrije 6 mjeseci
  • i love this vid, u guys make me smile ;)

    Lyls_lifeLyls_lifePrije 7 mjeseci
  • Next one?

    Swag GamingSwag GamingPrije 8 mjeseci
  • you go girl 💪

    Anouk 0303Anouk 0303Prije 8 mjeseci
  • I love to see her progress I just hope she keep it dedicated not motivated because there is a difference dedicated is life motivated is a short term

    Keep it simpleKeep it simplePrije 8 mjeseci
  • Is it just me or do I notice people who don’t eat breakfast are normally overweight

    B L PB L PPrije 8 mjeseci
  • If i was her i would be doing intermittant fasting, burning more calories in a day because you had breakfast is a myth. Your body just knows when you normally eat so if she eats breaksfast she will get hungry in the afternoon because her body is used to eating then. Not because you burn more calories

    polka troklovitchpolka troklovitchPrije 8 mjeseci
  • Ur sis can lose weight in some 10 million yrs XD

    ihdj hegehihdj hegehPrije 8 mjeseci
  • When’s the next video of this series coming out? I need to set a reminder bc I have been checking daily it’s becoming unhealthy 😂🤷🏻‍♀️

    Kassy BehannaKassy BehannaPrije 8 mjeseci
    • Amber Bruininck omg THANK YOU! You are so gorgeous!!!! I am so obsessed with this series! ❤️❤️❤️ keep up the good work, doll!

      Kassy BehannaKassy BehannaPrije 8 mjeseci
    • Kassy Behanna this thursday! so the 12th!

      Amber BruininckAmber BruininckPrije 8 mjeseci
  • 🙌🏼🙌🏼actually proud I couldn't stick with it this long

    shroomy15shroomy15Prije 9 mjeseci
  • 10:05 😂😂

    RipzyRipzyPrije 9 mjeseci
  • ❤️❤️❤️

    Emily DouglasEmily DouglasPrije 9 mjeseci
  • 9:05 how late is it😂

    Jens van LeeuwenJens van LeeuwenPrije 9 mjeseci
  • Omg I love her. She's so humble & genuine. Beautiful gal. 😍

    Veronica PVeronica PPrije 9 mjeseci
  • You have much road no never give up.

    Israel SantosIsrael SantosPrije 9 mjeseci
  • She made big progress man. Keep it up. And smaish dat liek.🤙💪

    Oskar LokarOskar LokarPrije 9 mjeseci
  • all these years you were making all this motivational transformations and videos and your sister is now motivated something is wrong i can feel it

    Yeeter Yeeter Little ShitterYeeter Yeeter Little ShitterPrije 9 mjeseci
  • I like how this video shows how small adaptions during the day can make a long term impact. Such as waking up a bit earlier to make your lunch, taking the stairs etx

    Lisa De WildeLisa De WildePrije 9 mjeseci
  • Congratulations 400k soon

    Lalita SharmaLalita SharmaPrije 9 mjeseci
  • I've been loving this series ❤️

    KaitlynKaitlynPrije 9 mjeseci
  • love this vidddd

    Pedro de CarvalhoPedro de CarvalhoPrije 9 mjeseci
  • get you a brother who’s also a personal trainer that gets you this motivated

    Pedro de CarvalhoPedro de CarvalhoPrije 9 mjeseci
  • reasons to watch browney: ( ) quality of the videos ( ) motivation (x) there’s s cat in every video

    Pedro de CarvalhoPedro de CarvalhoPrije 9 mjeseci
  • Damn she's been progressing the pushups really fast

    Molly CollinsMolly CollinsPrije 9 mjeseci
  • oh oops, last monday at the gym i, reach 15 sit-ups, so youre getting fast stronger or i as a office beast are at a low level😀

    Tim 721Tim 721Prije 9 mjeseci
  • Cutie

    Juliana E.Juliana E.Prije 9 mjeseci
  • 1:23 "mirco tasks 😂

    NeeexxxiNeeexxxiPrije 9 mjeseci
  • What was the lunch she had?

    Katelyn LeighKatelyn LeighPrije 9 mjeseci
  • girl congratulations! I can already see you becoming more determined, committed, and more joyful!

    katelyndkatelyndPrije 9 mjeseci
  • Just subscribed, awesome job keep it going

    Tabletilter8 GamingTabletilter8 GamingPrije 9 mjeseci
  • Yass queen beat the friking body fat , your already look skinnier than last time!!😂

    Hailey YellowHailey YellowPrije 9 mjeseci
  • Do a workout together that would be cool

    Sharn ChapmanSharn ChapmanPrije 9 mjeseci
  • I got so hyped up at the push-up attempt, so much control, I loved it, progression is looking goooooood go girl! 🔥🔥

    Marianne RouxMarianne RouxPrije 9 mjeseci
  • This motivated me enough to do my 4 sets of 12 pushups. i did the 1st set with normal pushups. The 3 others were 3-6 normal pushups and the rest knee pushups... I originally did a bit on my own for a month, but my motivation died down. I started training again with more motivation a month ago, you motivated me. (I try to do some form of training every day😊)

    Li EniLi EniPrije 9 mjeseci
    • @Li Eni thanks! Yours Is too!

      vvggb vvhn.vvggb vvhn.Prije 8 mjeseci
    • @vvggb vvhn. I also get unmotivated really quickly. Im Norwegian, and your english is great!👍

      Li EniLi EniPrije 9 mjeseci
    • @Li Eni I can feel the struggle, I'm trying too. Actually I'm trying fasting but this is my first day and I get unmotivated through the process. (Sorry for bad grammar but I'm actually Italian )

      vvggb vvhn.vvggb vvhn.Prije 9 mjeseci
    • @vvggb vvhn. Thx❤ I weigh around 20 kg to much. The average is between 55-60 but im 81... Im trying to lose weight, but i have been trying and losing for over a year...

      Li EniLi EniPrije 9 mjeseci
    • Keep going! You can do it

      vvggb vvhn.vvggb vvhn.Prije 9 mjeseci
  • I bet you're very proud of your sis, dude! 7:41 OH MY GOSH, SHE SAID "HOLA, CAREBOLA"

    Jorge Andrés Reyes PirelaJorge Andrés Reyes PirelaPrije 9 mjeseci
  • Bro je edits worden steeds zieker!

    wandarbearwandarbearPrije 9 mjeseci
  • Bro the ringing sound in the music kept stressing me out

    Killua ZoldyckKillua ZoldyckPrije 9 mjeseci
  • Wish you good luck, don't forget your goal, think about it every day

    Valery SuprunovskiyValery SuprunovskiyPrije 9 mjeseci
  • Browny what do you call the workout machine you have outside and how many different work outs can you do on it?

    Jake MotionlessJake MotionlessPrije 9 mjeseci
  • I wanna live in the browny house, I'd be so fit.

    Jake MotionlessJake MotionlessPrije 9 mjeseci
  • Literally,congratulation for her.Hard work has begun to show its results.keep going!

    Σωκρατης ΣιδηροπουλοςΣωκρατης ΣιδηροπουλοςPrije 9 mjeseci
  • Nederlanders laat je horen

    Esther Van KlinkEsther Van KlinkPrije 9 mjeseci
  • Where is your dogtag which your wearing in one year tranasfamatiin

    nice chanellnice chanellPrije 9 mjeseci
  • Browney, why isn't she intermediate fasting? I'm losing weight at the moment and it is helping a ton!

    Rick HagemeijerRick HagemeijerPrije 9 mjeseci
  • Them edits doe!

    Mark MoodyMark MoodyPrije 9 mjeseci
  • My opinion squating really low her form isnt the best she might hurt her knees correct me if im wrong but she is dropping a lot of weight on her knees

    iakovosou ouiakovosou ouPrije 9 mjeseci
  • her progression is amazing

    Djustin GamesDjustin GamesPrije 9 mjeseci
  • Pornhub be like 0:49

    ProNoob64ProNoob64Prije 9 mjeseci
  • I think it's really really really wrong waking up everyday and start my day by weighting in .. i don't mind if it's once in a month or even a week but every single day!!

    rxseqvartzrxseqvartzPrije 9 mjeseci
  • I fell like intermittent fasting will be better won't it?

    FazFazPrije 9 mjeseci
  • Awesome stuff bro. I recently posted my transformation. Love these videos as they motivate so many people. Keep smashing it 🔥🌶💥

    Kacper FitnessKacper FitnessPrije 9 mjeseci
  • i freaking love these vidz keep doing you will get there (your sis)

    Aaron sthenicsAaron sthenicsPrije 9 mjeseci
  • This bro is getting lots of money ... Impressive my brother keep it up

    DragonXCrackDragonXCrackPrije 9 mjeseci
  • Eggs are hard for me to eat in the morning when in not hungry. Also make me feel nauseous. But I usually dont eat breakfast

    Jessica TorresJessica TorresPrije 9 mjeseci
  • Thank you for the support on the video! I keep seeing comments about ‘breakfast’ and ‘fasting’ and that if she doesn’t want breakfast she shouldn’t it it. Listen and watch the video properly: I say she hasn’t been eating any breakfast during this challenge (because she doesn’t wake up on time and skips it) and thus she fasts. I want to introduce breakfast because this could aid her weightloss. Every body responds to food (breakfast) differently, so fasting may not be the best option for her because even though her weightloss has been going very well she has been at the same weight for 7+ days now and thus time for some change.

    BrowneyBrowneyPrije 9 mjeseci
  • Maybe you should internittent fast? If you dont feel like food in the morning? 😍 Keep going girl, you are amazing ♥️.

    Natalia WitekNatalia WitekPrije 9 mjeseci
  • I really think if she gets there she will have a bomb body

    3 inch dick3 inch dickPrije 9 mjeseci
  • Cool video ! When will the drink your water clothing be back ?💧

    Selle BertelsSelle BertelsPrije 9 mjeseci
  • What are those "MIRCO TASKS"? And where can we try them? 😂👌🏼

    Stevenom97Stevenom97Prije 9 mjeseci
  • YOU PRUDUCE LUPIN WHEN YOU EATWHICH MAKES FAT oops so . if she ainthungry se dont have to eat

    SofalaSofalaPrije 9 mjeseci
  • wth she is sooo GORGEOUS

    SofalaSofalaPrije 9 mjeseci
  • Well.. Intermittent Fasting is good for health ad digestion so... There's no problem with that.

    Romane ParisRomane ParisPrije 9 mjeseci
  • This is probably none of my business but if she doesn't feel like eating in the morning, don't make her? She can prep her breakfast and take it to work and just have it as soon, as she *actually* feels hungry. I think it's very important to listen to the body especially during weight loss :)

    elusivebutsatisfying T.elusivebutsatisfying T.Prije 9 mjeseci
    • elusivebutsatisfying T. Check one of my top comments. I also explain it in the video as well.

      BrowneyBrowneyPrije 9 mjeseci
  • Keep going!

    Serrano AlbertoSerrano AlbertoPrije 9 mjeseci
  • Guys, lets show our support to her in our native language!! She is one brave girl, a lot of people post photo after they achieve it, not during the process, because just in case they fail it. Im gonna kick this off with "AYO KAMU BISA"

    Agus WidjajaAgus WidjajaPrije 9 mjeseci
  • Her face looks SO different, this is awesome :) I can't wait to see the full transformation, what a beast!

    Moon KečaMoon KečaPrije 9 mjeseci
  • 0:43 she weighs 87 pounds and she wants to lose weight !?!?!? 🤨🤨🤨 I’m a kid and I weigh more than that

    Dream RUSSELLDream RUSSELLPrije 9 mjeseci
    • Dream RUSSELL 87 kilos, so around 192 lbs

      Esmé NaomiEsmé NaomiPrije 9 mjeseci
  • this is so awesome

    Jaclynn MacDonaldJaclynn MacDonaldPrije 9 mjeseci
  • You’re so positive and supportive towards your sis!!! Love it.

    Wendy MendozaWendy MendozaPrije 9 mjeseci
  • It’s good progress for her even just wanting to try a full push-up!!!! I’m so proud and I don’t even know her lol

    McKenna RoseMcKenna RosePrije 9 mjeseci
  • Am I crazy or I heard a Venezuelan accent in the video? You made my night happier Bruinick family!

    Adrian Arturo Diaz OchoaAdrian Arturo Diaz OchoaPrije 9 mjeseci
  • Enjoy this content loads, more people need to upload stuff like this cos it’s so motivating

    JFIMESJFIMESPrije 9 mjeseci
  • That moment when you want to be 18+

    Megan MolloyMegan MolloyPrije 9 mjeseci
  • Wooo hooo you go!!! Keep pushing and excelling!!! 👍🦄💪

    SuburbanPonySuburbanPonyPrije 9 mjeseci
  • Semangat pejuang💪💪💪💪 Lebih bagus lagi sub indonesia👍👍👍👍

    hana mahluhana mahluPrije 9 mjeseci
  • If you dont eating lots of protein you'll lose weight more fastly

    fridafridaPrije 9 mjeseci
    • Wild Ones that’s just not true

      Marcello MartiniMarcello MartiniPrije 9 mjeseci
  • Browney ?? I have a question! I wake up like at 8:00 am but I have lunch in 12:00 sooo do I need to have breakfast or can I skip it?!?

    EdoVamesEdoVamesPrije 9 mjeseci
    • Having breakfast doesnt really do anything so if you want to skip it its no problem

      figurkfigurkPrije 9 mjeseci
  • “Mirco tasks”

    Kim WilsonKim WilsonPrije 9 mjeseci
  • This is so motivating to watch!! I feel like I’m on this journey with her because I’m trying to transform myself and turn my life around too and it feels like I’m doing it with her!

    LaraLaraPrije 9 mjeseci
  • Can you be my brother?

    jurajil pcyjurajil pcyPrije 9 mjeseci
  • Well done keep going

    Shay PaulShay PaulPrije 9 mjeseci
  • why does your sister not have an accent.Good video.

    Peter ToupinPeter ToupinPrije 9 mjeseci
  • i think she will be the hottest girl after she get to 60 kg :S

    louloumecfilouloumecfiPrije 9 mjeseci
    • Figurk i assure you, fit girl with 60 kg thats hot as hell!🤪

      louloumecfilouloumecfiPrije 9 mjeseci
    • Thats too skinny for me idk maybe like 65-70

      figurkfigurkPrije 9 mjeseci
  • She so lucky have a brother like him😭😂 he motivate her so good! Btw i am from Netherlands! And i really like your video's 😍i hope she will get her goal❤️

    Loesje SmoLoesje SmoPrije 9 mjeseci
  • Love these vids and i genuenly love your sisters energy and how she is inspired to do this and that you take the take time in your life to help your sister

    Kristófer Máni ÖnundarsonKristófer Máni ÖnundarsonPrije 9 mjeseci