CALISTHENICS vs WEIGHTS - what do I choose.. (QUIT Calisthenics?)

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    • Browney the only reason me and my friends are here are because of youre chalistenics and it's boring to watch you lufting weights

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    • U are epic

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    • Browney love your editing and your my inspiration

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  • Browney your that push up on the slide that's what it also happened to me and the other guy doing that front flip I also fall on my butt well that's funny amazing man i like your videos its very motivational for me well not only me but for others too thanks man 😁

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  • nice editing skills

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  • you should try editing as well you will make a lot of money from it :XD

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  • How do ya

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  • I am no expert, but from what I have seen people who do body weight exercises have the best balanced bodies, as opposed to lifting weights which isolate each muscle and grow it individually.

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  • oK great

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  • I smashed liek with meh nose. Its bleeding now... Still worth it

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  • How to combine both , make a video bru .

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  • oK great

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  • Callisthenics = Performace and health. Weights = Bigger.

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  • First rest Next planch Next weighted planch

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  • Ok, great

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  • Hey bro how do you find the wrist wraps

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  • you're so freaking good at editing

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    • Ey liking video even 2 months after release now thats a great youtuber

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  • oK gr8

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  • When are you coming to Canada man

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  • I choose calisthenics

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  • I also tried to have calisthenics vs. weighttraining battle with my workout buddy! Thanks for this idea, but I have a long way to go for the video quality :( Still, thanks a lot for the idea, Browney!!

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  • Good luck, you got this!

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  • What is the name of the bracelet?

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  • you can't get pure dumb strength from calisthenics

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  • Ok great

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  • does your hands have to be touching ; does ur chest have to touch the floor in a push up?

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  • Ok great

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  • Hello. Can i ask you? Why i cant go progresive overload? My body grow bigger, my muscle, and my abs is growing, and im stronger tho. But why i cant do more rep in my exercise ? Im doing bodyweight exercise.

    • If all you care about is doing more reps, then you have to follow another type of program for endurance...

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  • What’s that Intro song

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  • that intro is fucking sick afff

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  • I like the variety of your products, (merch) and your passion for thier quality!

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  • I smashed liek oh i almost forgot... oK great

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  • 2:23 0 subscribers.... :/

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  • ok great .-.

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  • You should search up vitaly feschuk, he’s a cali lifter but he started doing freestyle. He probably can help u out

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  • oK great

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  • Most useless video ive ever seen .. Spend 1min and 30 sec of my life 30sec writing this comment to save sm ppl lives and 1min forwarding to see smth that interests me but nothing ure garbage m8..

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  • oK great😂😂

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  • I’m sorry but what is planche

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  • Dammnm +1like for the edit man

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  • Choose C, In this scenario C is your dream, so follow your dream. My dream is to look FIT but also be BIG and do fitness with calisthenics.

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  • oK great

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  • Were you able to do a push up the first time you tried?

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  • OK great

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  • Best edits I have seen, keep up the good work! Dope intro!

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  • How tall are you

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  • My dream is be big like you. You're hella strong and big. Ima achieve that doing calisthenics and weightlifting. ~ 15y boi from Finland

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  • Can you please show me how to loose fat from lower chest

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  • Hey bro you Rock 💀💀💀. Can you contact me

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  • Calisthenic is best

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  • What’s your advice for a wrestler? I’m wanting to have a bigger build but also need more strength.

  • Ok great

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  • oK great. And I'm feeling dam jealous right now because you guys are getting a new callisthenics park.

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  • Do you take creatine?

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  • Dang u really flexing on us on the editing

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  • 0:35 multi-clonaage

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  • Have someone ever seen browney done pec-bounce?? Someone that want to see him do it?😂

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  • Lol just coming in with diamond push ups youre the man

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  • Laat ik eens een Nederlandse reactie geven: goede video pik 😜

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  • Iam 185 cm 86kg i got a shoulder injury trainin my full rom hspu against a wall i took a month and now 2 month later i got my awful form stradlish planche for 3 sec belive me fuck dumbells

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  • Why not both ? ;)

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  • Intro 👍 hellish

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