20,000 CALORIE CHALLENGE (as fast as possible) | Epic Cheat Day

8. Kol 2019.
27 615 Pregleda

20,000 CALORIE CHALLENGE (as fast as possible) | Epic Cheat Day
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20,000 CALORIE CHALLENGE (as fast as possible) | Epic Cheat Day
- hrworld.info/home/video/fqiVdqR_bKCAacg.html
Thank you for watching us eat;
chicken wings, Five Guys chips, fries and burgers, Dunkin Donuts, shake shack milkshake, and some more food.

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  • Reupload due to HRworld. If you have already seen it, smashing the liek would be appreciated! thanks

    BrowneyBrowneyPrije godine
    • Ur face at the end 😂😂😂😂

      Mark McCarthyMark McCarthyPrije godine
    • @Kabir Maini same lol

      AurorafanAurorafanPrije godine
    • I played this on all of my devices, stan is too amazing for something like this to happen with him. You have our support man!♥️

      Kabir MainiKabir MainiPrije godine
    • Whatever... Watching it again.

      Sergeant HansSergeant HansPrije godine
    • Already running on 3 devices

      MichaelMichaelPrije godine
  • I’m surprised that dude wasn’t fool but like how

    Haydn TUAHaydn TUAPrije 5 mjeseci
  • drink water

    ChowiChowiPrije godine
  • 7:48 he doesn't wanna see food no more

    Димитър КалиновДимитър КалиновPrije godine
  • All those people on earth who barely have enough food to survive and then you have people on HRworld doing useless challenges like this. I don't even understand the point of this challenge

    Luka MartinLuka MartinPrije godine
  • that explains why he did this video: hrworld.info/home/video/ia6SdM92o4ZhiJk.html

    JadenJadenPrije godine
  • 20 000 calories huh? Just a normal day for Matt stonie

    Typical Hacker THTypical Hacker THPrije godine
  • Bruh😬You had me like😂😂😂you is crazy man💪😳

    FatCatFatCatPrije godine
  • How do you burn all the calories you eat, i mean how much hour of training should you do to burn all those calories, it is crazy

    Fabio KoniFabio KoniPrije godine
  • 0:10 he looks like the guy from F.R.I.E.N.D.S

    Anthony MRTSAnthony MRTSPrije godine
    • Sorry the first 4 seconds

      Anthony MRTSAnthony MRTSPrije godine
  • The song is one of one by nbhd nick

    Henrique CruzHenrique CruzPrije godine
  • Song at 1:51

    chazchazPrije godine
  • You look like Baki

    HermHermPrije godine
  • iS tHis heAltHy? Smash that liek

    DerSchwarzeJulianDerSchwarzeJulianPrije godine
  • 😋

    Tran Khang DANGTran Khang DANGPrije godine
  • This is like a day in my life

    Kristian ChervKristian ChervPrije godine
  • Normally i eat 3,500 a day

    lasselassePrije godine
    • Fet boi

      VapxrVapxrPrije 5 mjeseci
  • Wtf is up with the views??

    noodlenoodlePrije godine
  • He did 19000 calories. CLICKBAIT!!!

    O_oO_oPrije godine
  • Song : one of one by Nbhd Nick Have A Nice Day

    RHINORHINOPrije godine
  • I went shit during the video holy fuck nice! :D

    Georgi KomitovGeorgi KomitovPrije godine
  • Gratz with 350K subs! :)

    TheGamingBeginsTheGamingBeginsPrije godine
  • Browney, the link to the youtube of Peter and Jermaine is wrong. It is only the first chars instead of the whole link. Think due to copying the description or so.

    eenwieleraareenwieleraarPrije godine
  • hello i have a question

    Tom HoekstraTom HoekstraPrije godine
  • Bro can you plz do another motivational video man bc I have arched the same ones over and over and I want a new one to watch and I loved the one about the lifestyle video try to make it similar to that one plz thankssss 🔥

    Goff 311Goff 311Prije godine
    • William Goff hrworld.info/home/video/rKWDhtF4Z4eIZr4.html :)

      BrowneyBrowneyPrije godine
  • 20,000 between 3 people? Matt stonie did like 20,000 in an hour

    BoratBoratPrije godine
    • I’m just saying I thought the title was misleading🤷🏽‍♂️, but it was a pretty cool vid👌🏼👌🏼

      BoratBoratPrije godine
    • Yeah but we’re not Matt stonie?

      BrowneyBrowneyPrije godine
  • And now: 20.000 kcal burn challenge 😂

    MagruMagruPrije godine
  • Wo wohnst du ?

    all of mineall of minePrije godine
  • We love you back, except Yooutbe !

    IceCremeIceCremePrije godine
  • HOW can you eat that 5 guys CRAP FOOD???? MY Gawd... major loss of credibility as a serious fitness kind of person.

    Jim DJim DPrije godine
    • I'm getting vibes from r/gatekeeping

      SkeletonMonarchSkeletonMonarchPrije godine
    • All the foods are crap in this video? That’s the challenge? This challenge is very well knows amongst ‘fitness kind of person’

      BrowneyBrowneyPrije godine
  • You ate 40,000 calories nice bro

    Nik ANik APrije godine
  • I like you’re videos a lot bro !

    TiTiTiTiPrije godine
  • Bro, I watched it yesterday but I'm smashing the liek again! I'm so sorry for you that HRworld is screwing up like this...

    arnewessel_arnewessel_Prije godine
  • Song name ?

    calistatics journeycalistatics journeyPrije godine
  • Here to smash da liek.. again

    SaniqSaniqPrije godine
  • You said it I did it. Actually watching it for the third time also liek for the second time💪. Keep up with the good work.

    SLO CalisthenicsSLO CalisthenicsPrije godine
  • Amazing video i really enjoyed it have a Good day. Keep it up 🙂👍

    Darkest bladerDarkest bladerPrije godine
  • Ive never seen anyone call fries "chips"

    steelavocadosteelavocadoPrije godine
    • Fries is an American term, in England they were always chips but since many more American style restaurants arrived & social media took off more people in England also call them fries now too.

      Pecs andabsPecs andabsPrije godine
    • English people do

      ChocoChipChocoChipPrije godine
  • Already watched first time but smashing the liek again! Great video I laughed so much

    QuafiQuafiPrije godine
  • We LOVE YOU BACK Browney💪🏼 The Quality of your Videos is insane! No comment without a drink-your-water-reminder soo .... DRINK YOUR WATER!💧

    Jonas PJonas PPrije godine
  • I was looking for this video hour an hour ago thinking what the hell were has it gone.

    muhammad talhahmuhammad talhahPrije godine
  • I, Stan aka Browney, promise to reply to this comment ... ... ... Please... Drink your water

    RWL MusicRWL MusicPrije godine
  • 13:22 lmfaooooooo

    ChocoChipChocoChipPrije godine
  • It smells like fit to fat to fit again

    Vasil KirilovVasil KirilovPrije godine
    • Lol

      Typical Hacker THTypical Hacker THPrije godine
  • Ur eating a lot again? Fit to fat to fit ALL OVER AGAIN

    znakznakPrije godine
    • Yaa man

  • Legend says if you're early, Browney will reply

    Kishann nnnKishann nnnPrije godine
    • desaad force I believe so, Browney?

      RWL MusicRWL MusicPrije godine
  • I gain I lot of weight Also browny: 20000 calories challenge!!

    Abdul AbbaraAbdul AbbaraPrije godine
  • Tommorow a third time🤣 (the times they made you repeat yourself) special smash Liek and view it is then 💪🍿🔥

    MichaelMichaelPrije godine
  • Yo whats the name of this background music please ( don't forget to drink your water )

    LePtit PousseyLePtit PousseyPrije godine
    • @Henrique Cruz Amazing , thx bro

      LePtit PousseyLePtit PousseyPrije godine
    • One of one by nick nbhd

      Henrique CruzHenrique CruzPrije godine
  • drink your water

    Kaylee GKaylee GPrije godine
    • smash liek

      The NRGThe NRGPrije godine
  • u are all so hot

    avoavoPrije godine
    • ꧁Tᴏɴʏ Tσиу Cнopper꧂ its a dead meme but im too lazy to change it lol

      avoavoPrije godine
    • Wtf is ur pfp I always see it

      Cjpanduh ʕ•̫͡•ʕ•̫͡•ʔCjpanduh ʕ•̫͡•ʕ•̫͡•ʔPrije godine
    • Thats the Jermaine effect...

      The NRGThe NRGPrije godine
  • 1st

    Anush SangeethAnush SangeethPrije godine
  • Guys, never ever EVER forget.... smash dat liek, drink your water!!!

    CrazyKennyCrazyKennyPrije godine
    • hydration is key.

      The NRGThe NRGPrije godine
  • I am not the first here!

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  • Second

    Santosh RajashekarSantosh RajashekarPrije godine
  • Again?

    MortiMortiPrije godine
    • @The NRG WOOOOOOOAHHHHHHH I can't believe this !!!! Thabk you!!

      GENJIMAIN 72GENJIMAIN 72Prije godine
    • Hey! 🎉

      The NRGThe NRGPrije godine
    • @The NRG Hey 😁

      GENJIMAIN 72GENJIMAIN 72Prije godine
    • @Michael always hydrated Mike...

      The NRGThe NRGPrije godine
    • @The NRG and did you Pete?

      MichaelMichaelPrije godine
  • Second time is a charm lol everyone smash the liek since Browney had to reupload! 👍🏼🤛🏼

    Megan'sLensMegan'sLensPrije godine
  • What’s you’re favorite calisthenics exercise?

    AuthenticAuthenticPrije godine
    • drinking water?

      The NRGThe NRGPrije godine
  • Yo so sick bro !

    Louca SELVALouca SELVAPrije godine
  • First

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    • @The NRG shut your ass brotha 😜 i was the first buddei

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    • nearly...

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  • Ah shit, here we go again Also drink your water

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  • First yayy 😍😂

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    • The NRG what are you talking about im the first one who commanted recently

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    • not even close XD

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  • Smash that liek!!!

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    • and drink your water!

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  • First

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    • 😂

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    • This time I actually was first

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    • you're so good at writing first, but not so good at actually being first!

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